My Best Game EVER In Fortnite | NINJA -

My Best Game EVER In Fortnite | NINJA

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The win streak with @SypherPK continues!

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  1. I used to think fortnite was Rubbish but its actually gone better

  2. Hahaha Please come back tfue ninja says it's the best 🤣

  3. Me: notices that this is 1 week ago
    Also me: Wtf are those graphics
    No offence ninja

  4. Se parar para pensar ele está jogando arena pq o casual ja virou


  6. Ninja your God😵
    Yesssssssssssssssssssss Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr use code ninja in the item shop

  7. Man I miss old Nina so sad that he is gone unsubscribeing after being here scene's the bigening

  8. Ninja is the shit. Love watching your vids bro. Amazing talent.

  9. Be interesting to see you solo FaZe

  10. bro this is the start of a legendary recovery

  11. i am rich than you in fortnite if you have renegade rainder like this comment

  12. bro theirs destiny 2 youtubers getting more views than you. please switch to destiny 2 in feburary as witch queen drops, infact now would be a great time to switch and start getting ready

  13. Ninja pays too much attention to hate and addresses it; he lets the bully win by even acknowledging them. If he starts making content that isn't his usual light hearted commercial for kids bs then he would start doing big numbers again (basically go back to NinjasHyper). He did fall off, but its ok. You cant ride a wave for ever. What matters is he made history, leading the esports fanbase by storm.

  14. [FREEVYT.COM] - 👈Get 10.000 V Bucks says:

    ⬆️ I couldn’t have done it without you.

  15. damn man hella memories yall remember 2018 spring up until the winter. season 4 to season 7 Xmas!!???? that shit was so much fun dawg.
    Lmfaoooo remember back when shopping carts first dropped! Omega & Carbide Golf Carts & Drift. Calamity , Kevin the Cube & zombies. Quadcrashers lmao playground, AIRPLANES!!! …. brb gtg cri gn


  17. Oh my God the stream sniping calling king of bullcrap is back give him some claps everybody he's done complaining he's ready to stop playing call of duty and his gamer's chair he's ready he's ready to go back to the game that got him controversy

  18. Entertaining and still got the aim but unfortunately doesn't come close to Mongraal and the rest.

  19. So ninja faces bums and I face pros in every game 🤦🏽‍♂️

  20. Ninja vs Raider464 1v1 who wins? Humble yourself man. You're still good, better than me for sure, but there are others who I think would destroy you 1v1 or in arena. 👍🏻 Your streams are still fire content tho and always make me laugh with your hyper ass 🤣

  21. I learned how to play the game from ninja in c1 season 4

  22. This game is the reason many many streamers became popular and famous and rich…I used to watch ninja and everyone when they were popping off on Fortnite so I came back to see if he has been playing again if not I was out now I can watch…

  23. I hope more left out ones or inactive ones could make a return or debut in chapter 3

  24. why not post full gameplay like the old days

  25. Dude, I'm watched you about 2018-19 and besides that the room you play in has changed and stays cool and you are crazy!

  26. bruh you still play i thought you would play warzone or so,etching diff 😒

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