My Best Sniping Game Ever | NINJA -

My Best Sniping Game Ever | NINJA

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This player was UNPHASED by getting shot in the head somehow… Some great kills in this game from CouRage and me.

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  1. What’s up ninja I am a new fan and use scribers of your channel because I just start watching

  2. Even after this long when I talk of or play fortnite I think of ninja, never forget he's the OG💪💯

  3. im confused how is this his best sniping game he hit like 2 shots out of the like 23 he took

  4. We all know that one sniping clip between Loot Lake and Tilted is the best sniping game of all time

  5. Im new and i like him cause of his musici cause im a fan of music myself

  6. Subscribe to Ninga to snipe like him

  7. Yo Ninja! Thanks for highlighting my comment 🙏

  8. ninja uploads a video speaking spanish and 1000k

  9. who else agrees that this video needs a serious 👍

  10. Everyone thinks I'm ninja but I'm not I just play fortnite for 1 hour I just noticed in fortnite zone and season 7

  11. Ninja u got this don't be bot some people say you are a bot

  12. Hey ninja have you always been this good cause I just started playing fortnite can I have some tips and tricks? 😀 I’m only 9 so maybe that’s why 😂

  13. "My best sniping gave ever"
    Misses 7 shots, Hits one shot

  14. We guys are lucky youtube exists imagine if it didn't

  15. Are you dum sooo much people can get 13 kills With a sniper

  16. How can you have 24 million subscribers and not even get half a million views?

  17. I'm so a big fan of ninja I buy his ever merch

  18. I love the part where he actually snipes 😂

  19. hi ninja i'm a fan I love your content so much.

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