My HIGHEST Kill Game of Apex | NINJA -

My HIGHEST Kill Game of Apex | NINJA

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This was definitely one of the best games I’ve played in a while! Watch until the end to see how I snagged such a high kill count.

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  1. I get the he doesn't play the game. But this is average for Gold lobbies at best. Glad to see him playing though.

  2. Looool in the eyes of the Apex community this is weak tea bro. Lol go back to fortnite. This is embarrassing.

  3. Hi bro I'm kunal 11years from india and big fan of you and running small youtube channel pls promote my channel in your videos.

  4. Imagine being one of the fastest growing channels and starring to get 100k views now 😂😂

  5. I’m confused as to why you posted an 8 kill game with 1800 damage.

  6. Watching him play apex is so amusing just Bc I’ve been watching itztimmy and aceu and ninja from all other games except apex so this just gold comedy rn😂😂 but welcome to apex ninja…again

  7. Jelly My dream is to hit 20k subs before 2023 says:

    Hello adel

  8. I don't know why the guy who got 12-13 million views is on his worst state right now .

  9. The caption had me thinking he dropped at 20bomb…

  10. Can we be censored of fortnite losing player I mean the company can feel pain it's fine they can die

  11. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. There is no other intermediary. May Jesus Bless you, trust Him, give your life – and He will take care of it :pray Convert yourself and believe in the Gospel*''*

  12. It‘s actually refreshing watching a ninja video after a long long time and seeing him suck at a game

  13. why did he put 30 kills but was nowhere near 10

  14. What's up with the wild clickbait thumbnail. I get that clickbait is important for channel traffic but this is just false advertisement.

  15. Only thing is that maybe switch to 301 when shooting far away. He’s using Mastiff way too much

  16. I can't believe ninja did it we helped him make his dreams come true I've been with him since I was 5 so thats 7 years I've been with him

  17. Ninja thinks shotguns are effective in apex as in fortnite

  18. Watching ninja play apex is almost like watching noobs

  19. Wow he kinda sucks at Apex. It’s no fortnite for sure…

  20. Why is nobody saying the fact that every person they are downing has a legend in their name with a random number. Looks like they’re playing bots to me. Fake video lmao

  21. I’m drich, I just played with you as my partner. Sorry I let u down homie

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