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N (Ninja game) – Various user levels

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Just a couple of the User Levels I’ve completed.


  1. what the fuck are you trying to say, speak english

  2. 1st, but I think it's random on which Ninja you unlock. My friend got a green one after completing the 2nd, and I got a gold one.

  3. YOu need to complete a whole column to unlock new 'flavours', then go to settings and choose another flavour.

  4. haha, you guys think he's good at this game? haha, those are eeeeeeeasy levels…

  5. Yeah I know xD. I do that alot on levels like that, I often bounce on the blocks wrong or something.

  6. Do the first column. It's the easiest. I learnt of this game at school, it was the only place I played it, so it was addictive and I couldnt stop!

  7. what did you use to record that video
    P.S Is this the xbox 360 version?

  8. for every ten levels(0-9,10-19,20-29,etc.) you complete a new color will be gained. you choose the color you want in config.

  9. Hey I have a question, has anybody ever passed the episode Mount Doom? I need help, seriously.

  10. Did anybody knows what does the BOSS MODE does??

  11. if you have an xbox and xbox live get n+ its way better

  12. If you downloaded it, there should be a tab on the program called, "User levels". Also, you can create your own levels with the level editor; just press `, or the tilde button ~.

  13. yea i agree with poptart… but u can quickly do Tab and then Q, and it will look like u werent playing it at all

  14. can any1 beat this lvl and post the demo plz????? i rlly want to know.. its called 'Anyway-The N way" if u want the code, contact me, cuz its to long to post here

  15. Read the text documents included in the N download file.

  16. try playing "executive source" by Achilles_Heel

  17. wow i didnt know these lvls were possible until i saw u playing them

  18. ive beaten all of those xD and the DDA ones are easy to break the cycle and get a hella better time. my fav level is bugs bugs buuuuuugs XD whats urs?

  19. WOW…. i wish i had your skill at these games. seriously, i play N Ninja on gamesloth and i can barely beat a campaign thing, i bet you would like beat them to pieces

  20. Ahh, that's a pity, the audio is way out of line.

  21. can someone help me?when i started the game i coldent move.i went to the settings and the keys were not set.i set the keys and when i exited configure the keys were erased again!i cannot move because of that.can someone help me?

  22. you have to beat a whole row>>>or column lol whichever thing goes up and down. when you beat it all legitamately (meaning with no skipping levels and no practice mode) then they'll give you a new color. i just wish the colors could have like a special ability like longer or higher jumps or run faster or whatevr. i'm babbly aren't i?? lol sorry.

  23. @jase6190 Yes I could. Camtasia Studio 5. You can download it. Just tiep (:D) in google camtasia studio download. For the quality check out my newer videos.

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