Najee Richardson’s Full Finals Run - American Ninja Warrior 2020 -

Najee Richardson’s Full Finals Run – American Ninja Warrior 2020

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  1. He is great, but can we all agree that he gave his mother several heart attacks during his run? He must be the king of saves

  2. просто машина, невероятно

  3. i thought no one could do what nathan drake does. turns out im wrong

  4. The power of the body and mind! How he visualized everything was also one of his strength.

  5. Без комментария Профессионала, конечно, так себе.
    А парень молодец 💪

  6. This dude will survive the zombie appocalypse

  7. Insane feats of athletism. Dude is a former gymnast, so no wonder he is this good, but still…

  8. The best so far,probably the mt Everest of ninja warriors

  9. nigga stealin shit all he's life, no wonder he has the abilities, go USA!

  10. アメリカのSASUKEは日本以上にギミックにこだわっていますね

  11. Wow ❤. He has so much strength in his arms. Amazing run.

  12. 보는것 만으로도 전완이털리네

  13. ギミックがパチンコシンフォギア並みに凄い

  14. funny how nobody in comments talked about grip strength tho

  15. Bro showed UNO reverse card to his arm fatigue

  16. Vaya fantasmada, estos yankis teneis unas costumbres y unos gustos muy yankis

  17. Must be that quick twitch muscle fire Bill Burr was talking about.

  18. So, I was looking for info on whether Nathan Drake moves in the game are possible. Now I see they are😆This guy is phenomenal, incredible skill👍👍👍

  19. 距離長すぎてクッソきつそう笑笑

  20. Let's Go!! It sounded like the shout of soul .

  21. \(*‘∀‘)/ !!!!

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