Naruto Rise Of A Ninja | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary -

Naruto Rise Of A Ninja | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

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The anime Naruto is actually very special to me. It was one of the main reason why I fell in love with anime in my teen years, but also the reason I started to dislike some of it. In my opinion Naruto has some of the best storytelling and buildup during the first 100 episodes or so. The Zabuza arc, the Gaara arc and finally the Sasuke confrontation are marvelously done and I remember fondly sitting behind my screen each week with a cup ramen of my own to enjoy Naruto’s adventures.
Unfortunately when the Sasuke confrontation was over, it took over a year of just filler content which really drained my enjoyment of Naruto. In retrospect, it would have been better to do it like most live action series where they would wait a year and then come out with the new season. Because it drained me to watch each episode week after week and the story just not progressing.
That is why I love that Rise of the Ninja tackles the story arcs that I consider amongst the best and it was a true joy to return to this lovely setting and world. The game itself is actually surprisingly good. Especially the open world sections where you get to run around the Konoha village and do various quests for all the characters you know and love. The controls could be a bit tighter, since some of the platforming feels sluggish, but overall this is definitely one of the better Naruto games out there for singleplayer gamers. Many of the story cutscenes in this game are presented with the actual footage from the anime, so I did have to cut that out.

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  1. I just seen i have to get a xbox 360 just to play this again , thats a damn shame , this was my first favorite Naruto of all time and now my second next to Shinobi striker and i played probably every console naruto game except the Japanese released clash of ninjas which i will one of these days

  2. They should make other Naruto or Boruto games like this.

  3. you know its an rpg when its like 3 hours of talking and like 10 minutes of combat. Always wanted this game but i didn't have a 360 till the kinect came out so i just remember reading about this in game informer.

  4. Once upon a time in Union, WA in the date was March 22 in the year 2023

  5. Soñamos con un remake que incluya esta y la secuela broken bond

  6. I wish they make this on PS4, Naruto Rise of Ninja and The Broken Bond

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