Naruto Road To Ninja Game Trailer -

Naruto Road To Ninja Game Trailer

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Naruto Road to Ninja Event Trailer

Naruto Mobile-Road To Ninja Trailer

NARUTO The Movie Road To Ninja Cinematic Intro

NARUTO The Movie Road To Ninja Opening

Naruto Mobile-NARUTO The Movie Road To Ninja Cinematic Trailer

NARUTO The Movie Road To Ninja in Naruto Mobile

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  1. Daym it'll be out for the PS3, the game look as good as revolution

  2. Road to ninja the goat Easily my favorite naruto movie hands down

  3. Going to be trash Japanese developers can't make functional games for shit nowadays especially franchise game's… basically the equivalent of Fifa and Madden


  5. He’s in the infinite tsukuyomi…wake up NARUTTOO

  6. If you can freely wander around the map in this game, then this is a dream!!!!

  7. They should call this Naruto Shippuden Chronicles (if y’all OG’S) than y’all would remember naruto chronicle back on dem ps2 days

  8. Still can't get over them calling him Menma, that's hilarious

  9. Naruto dá 📸🤨 ok only those who speak portuguese will understand

  10. Best looking Naruto I've ever seen in a video game

  11. holy shit what?? they're making a game of the 6th movie? i wasnt expecting that at all wow. it looks good! hits all the right notes

  12. if the game actually looks like this it will be cool

  13. what 😮 they're not making a shitty boruto game? but they're wasting so much time on muh character development and only releasing one fucking manga per month. I dont understand why theres not a shitty boruto game

  14. JUST REMASTER THE OG NARUTO ALREADY WITH BORUTO GRAPHICS AND SHIPPUDEN MUSIC! Who else is getting sick of Boruto? :/ xD I mean I like it but it isn't the Naruto we grew up with! 🙁 Make a Naruto for the adults, keep Boruto for the kids. Come on Kishi. 🙁 tbh if they wanted to introduce Naruto to kids they should've went with this route! To be fair. OG Naruto was too serious. I've seen kids in VR Chat Naruto servers being fans of the OG Naruto series. It's nuts. Seeing a kid knowing who Obito is. Im like Wtf? :s And lets all face it, we all know Kawake is a Tsundere. lol.

  15. Who is fan of Naruto to Boruto : Shinobi striker here ?

  16. It's funny that the rest of the world won't experience this

  17. the last part of the movie seen in the last 5 seconds of this is just such a heart tugging moment. Get tissues ready to those who don't know.

  18. I'm not sure if anyone could relate, but the animation style remind me of guilty gear and dragonball fighters. In my opinion I love it when these animations look like that

  19. I want a open world/rpg/story game with naruto I'm really not into these fighting games, I would pay hundreds for the game if the towns were like in the anime/manga even the same story as I would still love to play it with good graphics and shit…

  20. If they made a Naruto movie with this style of animation, I honestly would buy tickets. Ever since spiderverse, I've been very interested in CGI/2D-like films

  21. I just saw some clips from naruto mobile game, and their road to ninja Hinata looks really amazing. Basically Hinata but a more fierce and fast brawler type. Would really love to see her more.

  22. 🌚 I really like the new INO and hinata outfits and personalities

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