Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Let's Play Review 1080p HD -

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Let’s Play Review 1080p HD

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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay Walthrough Part 1 Review Let’s Play 1080p PC XBOX ONE PS4

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  1. When i'm trying to play story IT says that i can only play free play so how can i play story mode

  2. Rock Lee and guy the strongest in the game if you know how to use em and adult sasuke. With them three I dont lose lol

  3. I wish we could get a one piece game like this

  4. Man I don't blame you for being so bad in the first round when I play the demo it took me 15 tries to Beat I got banned from my PS4 I didn't care I still played

  5. Bro please don't play any game i have never seen such worst gameplay

  6. If we buy the game does it need ps plus to play it?


  8. U KNOW WHAT. ORICHIMARU is not meant to be dead!?! !!!!! He is like the ONLY GUY… that knows the forest, INSIDE OUT!.

  9. YU DO REALISE if ORICHIMARU is dead… if His god beast summon has no control. Everybody in a hullicgenic chakra illusion.

  10. just BE LIKE… WELL, OH YEAH! I GOT "MIRROR FORCE!!! HAH HA!!" AT 16:56

  11. You need to learn how to use everything, noticed you don't use the other members of your team either.

  12. I wanted to watch this video to make sure I don't rage when I buy it😅

  13. 23:34 Đông đến nhưng em không lạnh, vì đã có anh bên cạnh sưởi ấm em rồi.

  14. if this was the first naruto game i played it would have blown my mind

  15. you brought pain to my eyes thank you for the dogshit mechanics and common sense. no homo tho

  16. I hate to see hashirama getting ass kicked by madara

  17. Bro you were getting bodied by madara at the start😂

  18. 2016 was 6 years ago? Who do i feel so old

  19. This kid is sooooo annoying I can’t be bothered maaan

  20. I already played this game and I’m at naruto and sasuke

  21. 1:b is to attack 2:rt is to block 3:if you press y b it’s a special attack

  22. But if your running and press rt it’s a boost

  23. I love this game and still play it now i main Gaara because hes one of my favourite characters

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