Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections - Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games -

Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections – Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

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The next exciting entry in the STORM series, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Naruto’s anime debut, releases 2023!
The game features new playable characters in addition to the 124 ninjas from past series! Plus, it connects key moments from the first four STORM entries into one game for the first time.

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  2. They should've added even more playable characters (whether old ones that never made it like Anko and Kurenai, and maybe Boruto's other friends to reflect the current continuity) and at least change some outdated characters movesets (Tsunade and Orochimaru for example).

  3. i was waiting for a Naruto Ultimate Ninja 6 with DB Fighter Z style. What a pity🙄

  4. I have a question…does this mean Lars Alexanderson from Tekken will playable in this game? Or no?

  5. Nahh.. I'm waiting storm 5 (even it takes 10 more years to make). This felt filler like generation and revolution.

  6. Meh we are done with storms , sorry not buying this … ⚠️

  7. we need naruto with adventure mode like on ps2

  8. Too much bla bla bla, just announce 2 new characters as DLC… not a NEW GAME!!!!!!!!

  9. Man instead of this people should be working on dbz tenkaichi 4, I mean for gad sake come on😭😭

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's disappointed. I have every Maruto Game and even the Collection. Woooow 2 new Chatacters.

    I hope there will be way more new stuff

  11. If it has indonesian dub just like spongebob, ill buy it day one 🤣

  12. Aye bruh. Where are my seven ninja swordsmen of the mist?????

  13. Just give me , a xenoverse version of this game . Yeaa I know there is shinobi striker but that game is boring

  14. Years later I still find it hilarious how we never got the “support only” characters from storm 3 on the roster. Anko, Kurenai, Kage aides that later became Kage in Boruto era, gold and silver bros etc. Like why give them characters models + movesets and never made them playable😂

  15. This is by far the biggest fumble in marketing history, I know its mentioned on the website and other areas where news is reported on the game that there will be more new content, original stories to follow and such but not promoting that properly and only 2 new characters and not explicity stating there will be more NEW characters, is the worst marketing i have ever seen. This trailer looks like Storm 4 remastered + new DLC.

  16. So boring, I am a big fan of Naruto, but if it's the only thing they can propose us after 5 years 😅, no I just can't 😭

  17. for what I've seen and hope,this is a full game with all the stories of the other games combined + additions

  18. Finally Indra. I am not buying this I already bought the storm 1 2 3 4 collection. I’ll just buy the dlc or sum

  19. غير متوفر في اكسبوكس؟ ليش وحسنا لا اهتم

  20. I saw that Sasuke x sakura x sarada ULTIMATE i know its abou tto be fire


  22. Look like Storm 1-4 lol But They added 2 new char and want 70euro for that Game

  23. they need to make some character have left right combo

  24. this is basicly Nsuns generation but in next gen console

    if only focused on fight

  25. Marketing character ashura and indra……

  26. So they put the whole storm franchise and added new awakenings, special moves and better quality and 2 new characters. See I have no problem with that🤷

  27. Please bring the ps2 games to the modern consoles

  28. Se for pra trazer todos os personagens de Sorm 4, com os mesmos jutsus,e adicionar só alguns personagens de boruto então era melhor uma DLC só pro storm 4, porq esse jogo já tem o BORUTO,SARADA,MITSUKI,MOMOSHIKI,KINSHIKI e o SASUKE, NARUTO adultos.
    O jeito é esperar pra ver se vai ter inovação porq o MITSUKI de storm 4 é bem nerfado.

  29. Just make a dlc to add new character =…= or upgrade patch

  30. Did we really need another Naruto game?

  31. Just added 2 new characters ehh 😂

  32. Brooooo iv been waiting for a new storm game for ever, super excited to see more and play it, most people can be hyper critical if they want there are alot of people who have been waiting for this

  33. I’ll just wait for the modders to incorporate Indra’s and Ashura’s official movesets for PC, thanks

  34. It would be nice if they can include movie villains

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