Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections - Game System Trailer -

Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections – Game System Trailer

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Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections – Game System Trailer. Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching!

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  1. So… 60 FPS, and a couple extra characters
    The online’s probably gonna be like the last one anyway
    Interesting cinematics though

  2. Alright CC2…you win 😒 this actually looks pretty cool so here, take my money…

  3. HYPED for Storm Series 15th Anniversary and Ultimate Ninja Series 20th Anniversary Get Ready for the Next Storm Battle of Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections. Also Father Naruto and Son Boruto I hope you're ready for the next new storm awaits and Awesome Gameplay Returning Switch Leader and History Mode and Special Story is Glorious Love it and Believe It.

  4. 70$ for 10 new characters and the old characters have the same move sets🥸

  5. Why is there a simple comtrols option for a game where the controls are already really simple?

  6. Man.. I’m 15, and want a job so i don’t have to tug on my mom every time and actually work to have my own stuff i want. This here, is the best thing we got!

  7. I’m get it off GameFly for 12 dollars cause cc2 lazy asf lmao same shit for years and years

  8. I'm so ready to get that game when it comes out in November. The Naruto Legacy continues.

  9. Why does this fell like a how to play smash tutorial

  10. Littraly storm 4 with 10 more characterss and 10 minutes new story for 70 + bucks mmmm could have been a ninja storm 4 dlc big update 😑 cause animations old jutsu combat mechanics stil the same

  11. Okay so.. I have a question. I am trying to Pre-order NarutoXBoruto Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS Deluxe Edition.
    As I am setting up my payment method and clicked on the “Continue” button, it is giving me an error that I “SHOULD HAVE” NarutoXBoruto Shinobi Striker PURCHASED (OWNED) in order to buy the game.
    LIKE WTF is thisss!!! Am I the only one experiencing this?? Anyone trying to Pre-order the game WITHOUT Shinobi Striker?? What kind of marketing is this?
    Please let me know. I want to get those Pre-order bonuses but without trying to spend $50 for buying a game that I know I wouldn’t play. Like TF!? I am buying on STEAM btw.


  13. Bandai should really
    consider adding character creation and customization for
    this game just
    as they have done for this game Naruto shinobi stricker and and Studio Pierrot
    honestly really should've made
    the story line of Naruto Storm connections into a block buster
    movie Adult Naruto vs Adult Dasuke would've been so amazing to see in theaters they
    might've fumbled a major 💰 for
    that missed opportunity which
    would've been the best
    animated movie ever created and would've broken every movie record known to man but hopefully they can still consider doing this because it would really be a blessing to us
    naruto universe fans.🙏🏿

  14. They really coulda made this a full home run if they gave us Storm 1 as well but it just starts with Shippuden so Storm 2-4.5 only..

  15. If you look closely during the gameplay each character is fighting another character they fought in the anime, Naruto vs Sauske, Sasuke vs Killer Bee etc that’s a cool little touch

  16. This is literally a dlc,why are people getting excited about this

  17. boruto vs naruto characters? the naruto characters are far more superior lol

  18. How do you change cac race in xenoverse 2 to the skinny male Majin

  19. Bandai, can you guys add Sora, Fuuka, Fuen, Zaku Abumi, Dosu Kinuta and Kin Tsuchi from the Chuunin Exams?

  20. As I've been saying, this game is great A perfect fusion of Generations, Revolutions and Storm 4 It has everything these 3 had, but in an improved and refined way Now just wait for the other characters that are in the game

  21. Being able to go into a free battle already in your awakening is something I’ve been wanting for so long 😭🤩


  23. This had to happen eventually. All the games coming together in one.

  24. ninja storm is for real a budokai tenkaichi for the naruto world and i dont understand why not every game does it

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