Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections - NARUTOP99 Special Collaboration | PS5 & PS4 Games -

Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections – NARUTOP99 Special Collaboration | PS5 & PS4 Games

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Celebrating the result of NARUTOP99 worldwide character popularity vote, here’s a special collaboration trailer focused on the top ranked characters!
Fight with your favorite characters in the game, which will have the largest roster of playable characters ever!
Stay tuned for NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS releasing in 2023.

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  1. Sooooo what are they advertising?! This looks like ultimate ninja storm 1 💀

  2. what does this trailer mean??? are these returning ninjas??? are these new? i'm so old and i'm suddenly confused what this was supposed to be about

  3. Just make ultimate ninja storm 5 already.

  4. Soooooooooo………it's the same game literally

  5. feels like im watching a promo for a ps5 upgrade of ninja storm 4

  6. The only difference with this gane and Storm 4 is theat they have Asura and Indra as playabke charcters, correct?

  7. ni como defenderlos esperaba mas y me dieron lo mismo no es que no me guste pero denme una razon para comprarlo y no quedarme con la que tengo
    luego collab con que? con Naruto shippuden storm 4?

  8. Where is the "use this comment as a deslike button"???

  9. Where are the season 1 characters like zaku and that guy that turned into a tiger not to mention all the filler characters we’ve seen AND the 7 swordsman like what the actual F this is just the same game 😂

  10. Aside from compiling everything for “next gen” are there any new legacy characters, or are there only new Boruto characters?

  11. Bring back side combos from storm 1 and 2 for all characters

  12. Man CC2 really need money huh? Fuga didn't sell well?

  13. Are long ranged units like Deidara still broken cheese spam cannons

  14. The only way this game is worth buying is the Adventure mode(s) being the best we ever seen. These extra characters are not worth it….

  15. They should have just release new boruto ultimate storm instead. Not going to waste money to buy the same game.

  16. vi nada de diferente ai ,ai cobram um preço absurdo pra jogar o mesmo jogo so que tudo junto

  17. Don’t waste y’all money if you have storm 4 it’s no different

  18. i didn't see any new things will we have on this trailer

  19. Just another money grab, don’t waste your money. It’s time they learn

  20. The Potential being wasted at Banco.💔💔💔

  21. 1 full naruto game could set y'all up for life.💔

  22. I’m not going to keep waisting money on storm 4 over and over again and adding “collections” at the end when we know it’s just storm 4 with more characters I’ll just wait it out till there’s a boruto game or at least make storm 5 what do we have to do to get these games made 😅😂

  23. I don't understand what was the point of this trailers

  24. For those who dont know. This isnt a trailer promoting the game.. this is a trailer showing off the top 99 characters on the storm games worldwide. So yall chill

  25. Yooo I remember playing this like 10-15 years ago! The nostalgia! Is this like a new update with the 2 new characters?

    Wait wdym it’s $70 for 2 characters

  26. Guys is this the same as Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4

  27. I beg everyone who sees this , please do not buy this game

  28. This trailer is so useless. Hadn’t they released it would be better

  29. En fait, c'est juste un remake du Storm 4 quoi.😐

  30. It would be nice if they had team combo jutsus but with enemies like deidara and garra or hidan/shikamaru

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