NES Longplay [092] Shadow of the Ninja -

NES Longplay [092] Shadow of the Ninja

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Played by: Valis77

another ninja action game that is in need of a remake. –
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  1. I can't get over the music in this game. It's perfect.

  2. The 2nd stage already takes a total 180° in the difficulty.
    But the graphics are amazing and you can clearly see they made the player's sprite less detailed, so they can add more detail.
    Especially the:
    That storm on stage one, the big robot boss at stage 2.
    The music on stage 4 kicks butt though, and that boss theme..
    Darn, what a hidden gem!

  3. Man, this was one of the coolest games I played back then. I dunno why, i guess the music and the graphics

  4. I remember playing this at 5-6 years old about 25 years ago and it was buried in my memory, reliving all the game here was awesome not only because I could remember every level and that I beat the entire game, but because as a child I thought this game was super long and it barely takes half an hour to beat in reality. What an amazing thing the memories of childhood are.

  5. Definitely buying this game I’m going back to my childhood and buying back the nes I’ve already bought back the Super Nintendo in the box a few days ago!

  6. Does anyone recognize the Word Trade Center Tower in opening scene?

  7. Great game, but no one ever used ninja magic in the videos.

  8. Games Nintendo yg sangat populer di Jamannya dulu bnget.. Klu ga salah tahun 90an ini jaman SD…..

  9. Can they make it an HD Remastered for PS5, XBox and Switch?

  10. I only came to this page on the Internet just to escape pew die pie who said I was age 19 when in actuality I am age 29 what do I care about pew die pie?

  11. Limited Run is doing a Collector's Edition of this game.

  12. If the control is more precise and responsive, Chain weapon upward attack, and fix enemies off screen projectile. This game will be much more enjoyable. What a wasteful potential.

  13. So we have 8 years until Garuda apears…

  14. I remember when hold attack button, repeatedly pressing jump button(if you have turbo button just hold both) you can do special lightning strike attack that can kill all enemy but take half of your life point.

  15. Прикольненько, а что за карты попадались в скрытых лазейках

  16. Very underrated, me and my Brother played this for hours!!! Good times!!

  17. Kaede is a so cool character, she deserves to be better known and to have more fan art.

  18. Great memories came flooding back to me of this game after I picked up Cyber Shadow on the Switch. Definitely a great of the past.

  19. I remember playing the japanese version. Was it really more difficult? I couldnt beat the samurai yellow boss back then.
    I would spent hours playing co op with my cousin.

  20. This game has the best soundtrack ever

  21. Rented this game 30 years ago….was a great game!

  22. Chain weapon is better than the sword, with the rapid wave attack when fully upgraded.

  23. If you love this game, try the new Cyber Shadow.

  24. Wow it is pretty similar to shatterhand.

  25. Ah the nostalgia, i prefer use chain than sword because in certain position you can deal more damage, so fast so you can even lock lvl 3 boss before they could assemble itself, but if you end up destroying it part you will stuck forever without can beat the boss

  26. I have the Japanese version. It's called Kage.

  27. Шикарная игрушка. Помню, проходили её на пару с моим братом. Незабываемо.

  28. The stage 4 boss looks very similar to the main character in Shatter Hand. He even combines with his bird 🐦 and transform the same way. . .🤔🤩💯

  29. If you like this game I strongly recommend to play Cyber Shadow, a 2021 homage to games like this than feels very similar to this one specially

  30. Looks like no1 knows there is secretly hidden spot at 3:16 in the middle of the spinning disc

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