NES Longplay [092] Shadow of the Ninja -

NES Longplay [092] Shadow of the Ninja

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Played by: Valis77

another ninja action game that is in need of a remake. –
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  1. why does this music sound so much like tmnt

  2. much forgotten ninja game

    fucking loved this one as a kid

    up there with Gaiden

  3. What kind of NES emulator is this? Worst emulator I have seen. Framerates are shit.

  4. The best best best best game there was there is and there ever will be…. The difficulty level was insane… Even more fun when played with 2 player….

  5. It's like shatterhand/tokkyuu shirei solbrain and power blade 2 all together

  6. One of my favorite games on nes wish they would remake it someday😎

  7. Criminally underated game.

    What you play here is the ultimate hidden gems

  8. When i was small kid this is my favourite game ever…. I always miss

  9. I can't found this game in play store so how I can get this game please tell me

  10. This reminds me of a ninja game, possibly 2 player, in which the ninjas can turn in to animals. Anyone remember the name of that title?

  11. I watched this whole video and didn't see the ninjas shadow 1 time.

  12. oh my god i miss my time when was a boy………….. hey… come back to me again my child hood.

  13. The soundtrack gives me goosebumps….hearing this again after 8 years

  14. Just got one it seems in Cyber-Shadow

  15. Im also the master of this game.. And still playing love it

  16. This is my childhood games thanks😭😭😭😭😭😭 bro

  17. the bgm when the tall robot guy with the big gun dies is the best feeling in the world.

  18. Games like this need to be on the switch.

  19. I've been playing NES games since '87, and I've only just learned of this. How have I not seen this game in action before?

  20. My childhood right there. I loved this game

  21. cant believe this is the same guys who made harvest moon

  22. Absolutely marvelous game by Natsume, and the best NES soundtrack to this date.. truly epic stuff

  23. I've been playing this game since I was 6 and now I'm 22 and still don't know what the fuck is that scroll and how to use it. If you guys know something please tell me man. I've been looking for gameplays that uses that scroll.

  24. I never played this game. Pretty cool. Reminds me of Ninja Gaiden.

  25. It's out on Nintendo Online NES for the Switch by February 19.

  26. I hated even when I was a kid playing these games how nearly every enemy – human, alien, or robot would 'blow up'. It was just annoying. I wished they'd fall down or something as flesh and blood enemies don't explode..

  27. Damn this game is amazing, with a little more flesh on the story end we could have seen shadow of the ninja overtake ninja gaiden.
    It's like mega man /bionic commando/ninja gaiden/ a lot of components of other games found here. Amazing game I never heard of till now.

  28. I don't remember ever playing this, it looks reminiscent of the NES TMNT, Ninja Gaiden or Batman games (Sunsoft and Konami), which is great! Can't wait to play this on the Switch NES app!

  29. How The Hell Did His Shuriken Roamed Around Him In Circles When He Used Em and That Scroll How To Use It?

  30. This game is fucking hard

  31. Just heard about this game recently. Looks damn good!
    Hopefully not too pricey on eBay 😬

  32. Love this game and kaede is sexy legs in early games

  33. I remember playing a ninja game on the NES with my brother in the late 90's, and I have always wondered what the title was since then. I always thought that it was Ninja Gaiden, and I just didn't remember much about it. It was only until I recognised the first level and that Tank boss that this was the very game that I haven't seen for 20 years. I always love coming across old games I have not seen in years on the internet. The closure you feel is immense, and it takes you back to the innocent times of getting through a game back in the day.

  34. Sounds like Mega Man looks like Ninja Gaiden

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