NES Longplay [399] Zen - Intergalactic Ninja -

NES Longplay [399] Zen – Intergalactic Ninja

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Played by: JagOfTroy

This game came out towards the end of the NES life span in 1993, which is about the time Sega Geneis and the Super NES were picking up in popularity.
It certainly was a decent send off for the system, probably being one of the last to mark Konami’s farewell to the NES before moving onto bigger things.
Despite the plot that seems it came from a B Movie and addresses the American culture at the time like Captain Planet did, this was still some good ole’ fashion fun. –
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  1. my favourite past the musical tracks and kind of electrifying sounds…ZEN intergalactic NINJA will never be forgotten by its fans.

  2. cool, never seen that, fonts from tmnt fighters

  3. Сергей Александрович says:

    2019 год… И я скучаю по времени когда был мелким и рубился в эту эпиху.

  4. Konami always was so inventive in their games, and they also do awesome soundtracks <3

  5. good lord this game looks impossible! just picked it up 😀

  6. this game its pushing the nes to the limits those low fps and glitches

  7. Quick! hit everything with your stick and destroy everything to save the environment. Lol, doesn't this sound quite familiar?

  8. [22:07] When I played this stage 1st time I thought I will get a heart attack in my 12 yo !

  9. I remember i had this game but i thought it was redunculesly hard to play

  10. This game deserves a remake, also deserves a movie or animation treatment.

  11. This game scared the shit outta me don't know why. The bosses, the music the stages (specially the cave stage) . I mean at one point you fight your own biological clone damn that was too much for a 11 year old me.

  12. One of the latest NES games. It was great, not only it pushed NES hardware to it's limits but as you can see the gameplay is very diverse. The levels, the bosses, it was quite inovative for it's time.

  13. This game is ridiculous, it's hard to tell whether you're landing on a platform or not in such siometric perspective and then that mine care level, you can never tell when there will be a pitch coming up or not, since everything moves soo fast, so instead you have to memorize everything,and then am not talking about those end bosses wich could respawn and keep refilling his energy over and over again, this game is unhumanly brutal.

  14. You can tell that by 1990, most developers knew how to use the full power of the NES system.

  15. самая сложная игра моего детства

  16. Sounds like the ninja turtles games on the NES mixed in with Deadpool, wish found this game back in my NES days, was it a late release.

  17. This was most unique, I was searching for it's name and gameplay for days…

  18. Bladerun walkthrough! Awesome spectacle for those who are in the subject! Respect!

  19. В реальной жизни лорд Контаминус выглядит иначе.

  20. Wow this game looks awesome. Wish I would have heard of it back then. I am surprised it was not a bigger hit.

  21. This game , Ninja gaiden 1 2 3 , kunio sports and brawl , captain planet and gunnac made my childhood awesome . I missed this games

  22. Hack the game, color the character red and black, and rename the game Deadpool.

  23. More impressive looking than battletoads, especially the bosses. I never got past the first level when we rented this game but I also by that time lost the patience to try to beat a new NES game. To seriously focussed on the 16bit games

  24. One of the most creative and intense games on NES/Dendy. And the music is very powerful and brilliant, for sure!!!

  25. Today celebrating Earth's day! 🌎🌍🌏

  26. Good game, bad player. It's like watching dumb AI playing it. Why so many of them on these long plays showcase.

  27. Graphics make me think of G.I. Joe NES games, Battletoads and TMNT but with better dynamics, music and imagination.

  28. Thanks for posting, used to watch my cousin play this, I couldn’t because of my polluted primitive brain.

  29. where is special rotation attack n00b? -_-

  30. I love this game. Its pretty easy yet very fun and cool.
    I finished this game like 25 years ago

  31. Definitely one of the coolest games ever.

  32. Looking at the current state of the environment, it was actually a slippery slope to create alien scapegoats for pollution.

  33. I have this game still, man this brought back so many childhood memories

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