NEW Fortnite Season 3 Reveal 🔴 Live -

NEW Fortnite Season 3 Reveal 🔴 Live

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  1. That’s a fully grown man for the record 😂😂😂🤷‍♂🤦‍♂️.

  2. They should’ve gotten rid of grim gates literally the only place you land so annoying

  3. Bro I can understand getting frustrated about losing but this man really hates when he dies💀

  4. I agree. I probably won't touch this season when people are going to spam car turrets. Nah you literally can't react fast enough, your just dead without a car. That's not fun

  5. Is there a bug with sliding everytime i keep trying to jump and slide i just keep crouching is it just me

  6. I agree the turret cars are op its like they thought hmmm this would be great for duo trio or squads fuck solos cause all u jave to do is sit ina car with a machine gun turret the cross bow is nice ut fuck thay

  7. Just played a couple of games. This season is atrocious, sadly.

  8. I like this season because it's easy to win and I have 3 videos ready for tomorrow

  9. amazing collabs (lethal company, fallout) at the cost of a really fucking annoying and shitty season (cars, ground loot, the new pois)

  10. Tbh I can’t blame Ninja. This season looks like more broken ass. Like wtf are those vehicles.

  11. Moral of this season unless your in a car your dead

  12. An easy fix would be to bring back the anvil launcher and lower the fire rate of the turret.

  13. For being the face/poster child for Fortnite, Tyler sure is an insufferable and toxic prick of a teammate.

    Probably THE most toxic of any of the big FN streamers.

    There’s even an old S5 clip of everyone on his team agreeing with that and saying so as well.

  14. Good riddance Snipers. A battle royal has no business having weapons with 1 shot kill capabilities

  15. Well at least this season is better than Wilds😂

  16. the new car weapon stuff is ass ngl, and i understand being tilted by how stupid broken and polarizing it is. but imagine being this much of a crybaby omg

    its not real life dude

  17. Fuck what all these people saying “your 30” okay and your 12 loving the fact skill is sucked out of this game and u can finally catch a dub. The gunplay is ASS. This season is so unbalanced health upgrades to cars arent even a thing EVERY SINGLE CAR has over 1500 health. Fucking mess

  18. Comment of the stream,”I’ll ask you the same question I ask my kids, does complaining make you feel better?” lol

  19. Sooooo booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring

  20. This is the worst season ever, I just got chased for 15 minutes trying to heal while running with gloves, alot needs to be nerfed

  21. Chapter 5 is the worst chapter ever. Not a single good season out of the 3 so far

  22. Ninjas duo was right, theres a bug whereour aim is just pulling to the side. Idk why ninja was acting like he knows everything, super obnoxious

    I feel so honored (Subzeroof and CinderFall328) @ 1:54:30

  24. not feeling this season , what has fortnite come to.. i love you though Ty and will always watch no matter what even if u take a break this season

  25. Cars takeaway the gun fighting gameplay which made it fun..

  26. ninja refuses to change how he plays to adapt to the season and blames john typical

  27. To fix stick drift problem change the dead zone and it wont pull

  28. Definitely has some other shit going on in his life. Could've been a fight with the wifey last night or early this morning as well. Weve all been there lol. Everyone has bad days 👍

  29. Ninja you are cool to watch. But you and Tim, both said in OG fortnite that finding good guns should be hard to find. Dont be a hypocrite. Fortnite listened.

  30. an afterthought … i like that jb has zero fcks to give about your feelings lol

  31. only thing i like about this season is they are playing my music library

  32. What am I watching on my screen Epic Games

  33. Hey ninja drop your brother he's a douche!

  34. He’s so fucking annoying towards his duo i’d never wanna pair with him lol

  35. Diretamente de Angola 🇦🇴 jogador angolano de Fortnite profissional

  36. Everything ninja said about this season is fuqqq’n facts! This season is ass! And the lil kids are probably loving it in there turret cars! And the idea of dropping at a new poi with NOOOOO LOOT……. Ohhhh brother!! Back to story mode games or apex

  37. Man they could’ve made this a separate mode 😕

  38. Man I’m done for this season , I’ll try again in August 😭. Whole lobby got cars , you don’t even need a weapon man.

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