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*NEW* NINJA TURTLES LAST RONIN GAME ANNOUNCED! Out of a blue, we got an announcement for a brand New Ninja Turtles game being in development

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  1. This is such a dream come true. I’m glad Paramount is looking forward to the potential the TMNT have in videogame media and more.

    Another franchise Id love for to come back to the game industry is Transformers. Reactivate sounds like it’ll be a fun game but I hope one day we could get an Optimus Prime solo game.

  2. The Last Ronin was a great TMNT story. Should make for a sweet game.

  3. It's Leo how i know look at the blades hilt color it's blk like the band on his head

  4. We haven’t even gotten a good AAA TMNT yet, but we’re already doing this?

  5. I want to play this, ninja turtles going classic again.

  6. Just read the last ronin pridicted the turtle before reading it

  7. Poor Mickey man he the youngest and he will be goin through it in the game no doubt 😢

  8. How can we play this without knowing what turtle we are playing as?…if your a fan it would be easily obvious based on his personality. Lol. Either way this is exciting

  9. Santa Monica studios. I read somewhere that they working on "a lof of different things"

  10. PLEASE MY GUY I love the tmnt so having you being a source for any news I would love it feel better btw not sure if you still are under the weather ✌️(developer I want rocksteady for the game)

  11. It's going to be awesome. Caboose I want you to react to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Once and Always trailer.

  12. Finally either this or a TMNT fighter since seeing them in injustice

  13. I can see Sucker Punch doing an amazing job, they can make the city feel alive and look great, as well as make traversal fun like in infamous. The combat could be 4 different styles for all the different turtles weapons that the last ronin inherits. think of it like a stance change in Ghost of Tsushima, you can change while in combat. And we ALL know if weve played the first two infamous games, they can handle a comic esque story if they wanted, or if you’ve played GOTsushima you know that they can just make a badass samurai story Idk just an idea

  14. Dude imagine how bloody they could make it if it does become Rated M I would so be down to play a tmnt game like this I’ve read this comic book actually and it’s crazy so if this really does happen i will purchase this game no doubt for my PS5

  15. The last ronin comic is so badass I can’t wait🔥

  16. This is amazing it needs a parkour element and I agree with doing something dark open world single player with power rangers to

  17. Better be cross play not only a shitty Playstation exclusive

  18. No, we shouldn't get Sucker Punch involved because they are apart of Playstation and only make games FOR Playstation.

  19. Getting grittier and darker? I like it! Just like how the turtles first appeared in the comics! I’m excited to see this unfold and I hope it’s for both Xbox and PlayStation! But like you said, an open world tmnt game would be the life!

  20. yeah i also think sucker punch cause they have the experience with of ghost of tsushima

  21. It be cool to get a game based on the original comic

  22. It has my name in it, it better be good 🙏🏿

  23. I nearly died when I heard this news. With the last Ronin being my favorite of all the ninja turtles this made the top of my hype meter. I am beyond hyped for this game. 🤩🤩

  24. I just hope the other turtles are playable like a dlc or something maybe where they show what happened in their past

  25. I have a feeling since it’s god of war style, I’m thinking Santa Monica studios is developing the game which is great, although I’m sure there developing the next god of war which is great as well, after GOW 2018 and GOW ragnorok, GOW deserves another title in my opinion, but I’m just guessing, also it would make the most since, because the fact it’s gonna be a GOW style game, and would be pretty dope, also I think sucker punch is working on a undisclosed fighter game I heard, not sure if that’s true tho, just heard a rumor about it

  26. I’ve been waiting for a new TMNT game with more of a serious tone but with all 4 turtles nonetheless I’m still excited.

  27. I appreciate that you understand why it’s important to have some stuff for newer generations. I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of tmnt media. I watched the TMNT movie and the show that came on Saturday mornings but that was pretty much it. I love seeing the different styles and outlets that they’ve had over the past decade. I’m super excited to play a darker themed game and to watch a goofy animated movie.

  28. a Ninja Turtles game based on The Last Ronin will certainly stand out compared to other TMNT games.
    I mean, I like the other games. but this one promises to be more unique due to the concept alone.

    (and, if we are going for a more mature game. then the developers of Ghost of Tsushima should perhaps tackle this game.)

  29. More like turtle of war😎😎😎😎😎😎

  30. Yesssss I can't waitttttt and I think either them or maybeeeeee insomniac or Rockstar if they could do sum stuff wit them like batman then bigger bets and same with how insomniac did Spiderman BUT I don't want it to be where if insomniac does the game it only gets dropped on playstation. That's sum that's scaring me wit how it's God of War inspired. Does that mean they lookin at playstation made tingz? I have both consoles but would like to have THIS on both ya digg. Alsoooo can we get tmnt battle nexus remaster preferably battle nexus 2. With the story around the 2003 tmnt series which in my opinion is the best but that my opinion.

  31. This is good if it’s real but it’s good Bec there making that movie an now this so u get 2 turtles one for kids an one for everyone

  32. Sounds mostly great, besides the God Of War style gameplay.

  33. Great news. It needs to be dark and gritty. Ghost Of Tsushima + Arkham + Shadow Of Mordor + God Of War. Open world Sin City vibe world would be cool.

  34. if there isn't a mechanic where the spirits of your brothers speak to you, then I'm not playing this game 😂

  35. Yes I totally agree with u on hoping sucker punch helps create this game. ghost of tsushima was definitely before it’s time and was beautifully made and done!!!

  36. My renewed interest because of the new movie led me to buy The Last Ronin Book (LOVED IT BTW). I had literally just finished it when this game was announced. It feels good to be a fan right now!

  37. I hope it is a live service full of microtransactions!

  38. Sony santa monica studios would be great fit given the gow style they are after. Also now that GoW rag is complete. What better way to start something different in a simalar style they are already familiar with! Have the comics of last ronin. Would also love to see it on the big screens!

  39. i’ve always loved tmnt i can’t wait for this game it’s going to be awesome inspired by the god of war games. and i agree caboose power rangers needs to do this desperately

  40. A past Ronin game would probably work better as a Devil May Cry style game where you gain points for stylish combos and switching between your weapon sets.

    Perfect for The Last Ronin who would have all 3 of his brother's sets

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