New PS4 & PS5 Games This Week -

New PS4 & PS5 Games This Week

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New PS4 and PS5 games releasing this week include The Callisto Protocol, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Need for Speed: Unbound and Sable. Check out for the full list of releases and for a selection of amazing deals!

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  1. Colostomy protocols blah blah, can we mention that NFS looks like a Pokémon game?? What’s with those graphics? We in 2002?

  2. 1:15 "Focuses on Marvel's more occult characters."Does it? Scarlet Witch, Blade, Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider are all I've seen so far. Where's Morbius? Werewolf by Night?Where's my Man-Thing? I want to use Ted to make people 'Burn at fears touch!!'Lots of Spidey, Wolvie, and Capt. Marvel getting screen time though…spread the joy and let the 'ill repute' club get some well deserved love for once…just imagining it was co-op..mmm Johnny Blaze and Man-Thing just mowing down the opposition… (starts drooling 🤤)

  3. And The Callisto Protocol was a big disappointment. Glad i never bought it.Anyways, nothing else to see this year. See you next year.

  4. Don't forget to check other stores for deals, not just the PS store. I just got Elden Ring for $35 at Walmart. It's still full price on the PS store. The digital only console is for fools

  5. Anyone else wish they could enjoy horror games?

  6. I-+

    I'll go try the trial version of NFS via Gampass (people seem to be liking it so far) and if it clicks with me I'll buy it on PS5.

  7. been looking forward to the callisto protocol since the reveal, super excited to finally get to experience it!! now we just need silksong and I'm good 🙂

  8. hahaha. remember when the Nervous Nancies were worry-warting over 2022's games harvest?
    i sure do

  9. Already preorderd callisto just waiting to down load can't wait to play

  10. Lol while somewhat excited for Midnight Suns it is being added to my backlog of games as it has a preorder bonus I preordered it but behind on games.

  11. Excited on Callisto Protocol, but Im really confused between Day One or Premium editions 😂 Cause we have no clue bout the Season Pass

  12. Really hope callisto protocol lives up to expectations

  13. Callisto and Sable have been on my radar for so long!

  14. Can't wait for "The Callisto Protocol"👌🏻

  15. Oh wow Sable just randomly arriving on PlayStation lol. Been looking forward to that one for a minute now.

  16. Can't wait to see Dave's play thru of the callisto protocol

  17. Just don’t let Dave stream Callisto protocol, anything else but that, rather he not be on any PS access video but hey ho.

  18. I look forward to Dead space 4 er I mean Callisto protocol!
    And why is Midnight some card based?!
    I want a Marvel brawler!

  19. Please don't let callisto protocol be 1080p 60fps on next gen consoles.

  20. I reall, want to get Callisto Protocol, but my backlog of unfinished games is so massive already 😭

  21. Hey playstation why is god of war banned in Qatar when i search god of war it only shows God of war Ragnarok and i have ps plus but i can't get it Bec it's banned if you could unban it would mean alot

  22. I'm really excited to get the Castillo protocol on Friday on my ps5 pre-ordered from the Gamestop I shop at.

  23. Sable is a great game. I might recomplete it on PlayStation.

  24. Why does the thumbnail look like Hugh Laurie? Am I going insane?

  25. Plz add Callisto Protocol to the Ukrainian PS Store.

  26. Was really looking forward to Midnight Sons but… Card based?! Unnnghhh… Hard pass.

  27. What a week of games – I will be grabbing Callisto Protocol on Friday… Can't wait

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