Ninja 3 (Early Access) ninja games || fighting game : Ninja Warrior 2 [ PART 1 ] -

Ninja 3 (Early Access) ninja games || fighting game : Ninja Warrior 2 [ PART 1 ]

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Ninja 3 is intense platform & adventure games.

Ninja 3 features simple yet addicting game play, giving you thrilling moments and an unexpected experience. You can upgrade abilities using gold and Gems collected from enemies and the environment in order to keep tracks with the difficulty of the game. move through traps, kill all enemies who try to stop you!

** Easy to play Hard to become a master! **

– 30 levels to play
– 2 game play Mode
– Easy to control movement
– High quality graphics
– Best of Ninja Games.
– Upgrade your character’s skills, skin
– Challenge yourself with tough battles
– Become a ninja master !


  1. A little bit like Ninja Arashi !
    The bamboo location is my favorite!!!💝💝💝💝💝💝

  2. Arrrrrggggghhhhhh⚓🛶 good after noon mr hashimi

  3. It's not ninja warrior It's shadow fight

  4. this is awesome ninja game download link please .

  5. Bhai Tumhare channel per na face came hai na voice hai to Tumhara channel monitish ho gaya hai kya ya nahi please reply

  6. when I click on the link, they are saying " the requested URL was not found in this server". so could you make a video on downloading this game

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