Ninja arashi 2 all artifacts locations -

Ninja arashi 2 all artifacts locations

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Ninja arashi 2 all artifacts locations. Ninja arashi 2 has 8 artifacts in total (sword of tatsuma, coin of luck, akumu, sacred tsuka, dotaku, onimori, meiyo, golden shuriken) . These 8 artifacts are scattered in 32 different levels. For every player artifact locations are different. That means if you find an artifact in level 8, your friend may not find that same artifact level 8,he may find it on another level. The artifact levels are-
Act 1 :Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Level 14
Level 15
Level 16
Level 17
Level 19
Level 20
Act 2 :Level 21
Level 22
Level 23
Level 27
Level 28
Level 29
Level 30
Level 32
Level 36
Level 37
Level 38
Level 40
Act 3:level 42
Level 43
Level 44
Level 49
Level 50
Level 51
Level 57
Level 58
Level 60

I have all level gameplay videos:

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  1. Thanks bro i got all artifacts because of you 🤌🫀

  2. I m not able to find all as i have passed those levels and now if i go back it is not there

  3. Level 19 me mujhe gold star nhi mila

  4. Wait What At Level 8 I Didn't Find It How???🥺😭


  6. I think they've changed the locations cos I've searched all day using this video as guide and didn't find anything……hmm

  7. My third time playing this game even though i end it before but still bring so much pain.

  8. I played this game last year, uninstalled it, and played it again this year, I don't have any progress saved, but when I go to the locations of the artifacts, there's nothing there, but I don't have any unlocked artifacts. I still don't understand why this is happening

  9. I uninstalled this game last year, I played again this year, I don't have any progress saved, but when I go to the locations of the artifacts, they are not there, I don't have any artifact for this to happen, I still don't understand why this is happening

  10. When is act 4 release date? Like everyone else got every level but not mine

  11. I found dotaku at level 37 without seeing any youtube video by my own

  12. This false. You are not right. I am try levell30 but., this place has not artifect😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. i went to same places but didn't find any except one

  14. ❤thank u bro f9r me finding it was easy cuz I already had the artifact that tells what lever they r in

  15. Thanks You very much because If some one Think Some area Were artifects are not showing the reason is some maps Are not here i mean Some pelops every artifects change There place that reason some times Few people were not get but this guys Giver every possible locations for artifacts💕

  16. Thanks bro but when next part will release I want next too

  17. Thank you bro
    For your help
    I got all artifects

  18. Anh có biết mở chapter 4 không ạ

  19. ด่านที่19ผมหาไม่เจอเลย

  20. Thank you sir, because of I found coin of luck artifact at lv 8

  21. I did the same as the video and I didn't find any artifacts, so is it removed in the new update and must be purchased?

  22. Omg thank you very very very much ❤❤😊 it works

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