Ninja Arashi 2 vs Ninja Warrior 2 - 5 small differences you should see -

Ninja Arashi 2 vs Ninja Warrior 2 – 5 small differences you should see

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Ninja warrior 2 vs ninja arashi 2 short comparison and 5 differences.This is not the full comparison version between ninja warrior 2 and ninja warrior.Full comparison video between ninja warrior,ninja warrior 2 and ninja arashi 2 will come soon.
Ninja warrior 2 is the sequel of ninja warrior legend of adventure games.


  1. I have liked the video first.😁😁😁

  2. Please also tell me are you a Muslim or not, Quarantine gaming?

  3. Ok bro👍👍👍 but challenge and act 4 when come I am waiting and your video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Despite that Ninja Warrior has one realistic feature, the campfire and torches, the purpose of those in Ninja Arashi was to warm up during snowstorms. And Ninja Arashi isnt stupid enough to walk on campfires or put his face on the torch just to get burned 🤭

  5. Kya koi mujhe ninja warrior 2 ka link de sakta h

  6. There's so many simarities between these games but the small differences make such an big impact!

  7. Hello Sir When Will Be The Act 4 of Arashi Releasing I Am Bored Now Please Tell The Date Sir .. please Reply ….????😄

  8. one more difference is ninja warrior 2 has melee attack but it dosent instantly kills the enemy but ninja arashi 2 melee weapon instantly kills an enemy

  9. Ninja Arashi 2 and Ninja Warrior 2 have unique features, so no one will win both are equal. But the difference between them is Ninja Arashi 2 has officially launched i.e. everyone can play it but Ninja Warrior 2 has not officially launched. It is in Early Access so only few people's can play it.

  10. جعفر الخالدي says:

    hello my dear brother how are you can you tell me when chapter 4 of ninja arashi 2 comes out

  11. Aoa. My new channal also uploads ninja Arashi gameplay. Check out my new channal.

  12. When the two games are BEST AND LEGENDARY 😎😎😃😃

  13. in the 1st difference is not actually a difference at all becoz if you quickly put disguise and remove it you will still have barrier so you can kill without getting killed also in ninja arashi 1 you can get killed by campfires

  14. I dont play the 2 of ninja warrior who's final boss on that game

  15. 2:00 but in ninja arashi 1 it used to be
    hmmm might dev thought that it may be really hard thats why and also ninja warrior took that from ninja arashi one

  16. Ninja worries 2 khub kothen ninja arshi 2 valo kothen noi

  17. Yes there's so much differences in both games, but i still prefer ninja arashi. It's much cool and it has a story in it. Also in part 1 fires are obstacles, but i still prefer arashi as it's the ORIGINAL.

  18. Šîňțū_ŠÀDÅ...🙂 says:


  19. Bro ninja arashi kab ara hai

  20. • 𝙼𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚢 | グッドタイムズ says:

    Okay thats a similar thing to Ninja Arashi 1 there. Cause when you touch a fire it does damage

  21. ℳℯ𝓀𝒽𝒶 says:

    Ninja Arashi 4ever 💜

  22. New difference in ninja warrior 2 enemies can kill you even when you're in air

  23. Well, I completed ninja warrior 2 in just two hours and it took me nearly around ten days to complete arashi one

  24. quisiera un ninja arashi 3 dondeparticipe warrior y que warrior no pueda contra un solo jefe y que despues llegue arashi a derrotarlo y que arashi se convierta en un ninja legendario y muere 5 años despues de vencer al jefe

  25. 😎😎😎🤩😘😎☺😍🍅🍓

  26. Bro now enemies in ninja arashi 2 in act 4 are invulnerable

  27. Andi bandi sandi manoj sahni raat ke 12 baje bar jaye💀

  28. Ninja Arashi 2 Disguise shild production can kill the enemy

  29. The fire ones:
    Because arashi stands byside the fire not enters it

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