Ninja Arashi 2 Vs Ninja Warrior - which is better? (Full Comparison) -

Ninja Arashi 2 Vs Ninja Warrior – which is better? (Full Comparison)

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Ninja arashi 2 Vs ninja warrior full Comparison and final verdict on which is better. Ninja arashi 2 is an android platform adventure game with various obstacle courses and enemies and ninja warrior is also a similar game. Both Ninja Arashi 2 and Ninja warrior have over 10 million downloads on play store and unmatched in it’s genre. In this video I compare both games on various points to reach a final verdict on which game is better.Watch to find out.


  1. 我两款都玩过,只不过我更喜欢 ninja arashi 系列。另一款我觉得操作不流畅,有点迟钝

  2. ninja arashi 2 is the best because arashi speed is great

  3. උබ තාම ඔතනද මම ඕක පහු කරලා මාසයක් විතරයි

  4. Quarantine Gaming 4:14 part was line has wrong
    It's a correct Line
    Ninja Warrior has Disguise Barrier but Barrior outside has no Safety Sheild 😃😃

  5. Both would be way better with controller support.

  6. Quarantine there’s 5 unique enemies in ninja warrior u forgot invisible shuriken guy

  7. Are o pubg wale sadse phele free fire aya tha pubg nahi beta

  8. سوبرمان الى الانقاذ says:

    NINJA ARASHI 🇺🇸💪💪💪💪🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. Ninja warrior has 7 unique enemies shot gun one and the spike one and other 2 are basic

  10. Ninja warrior has better movements too and it equals

  11. ninja arashi 2 is better, you dont need all of these reasons but only one, melee atacks work in this game but in ninja warrior it doesnt. Thats a very big diffrence considering the ninja on the picture in ninja warrior has a katana but no melee attack

  12. are wrong, play 1 time ninja arashi 2 😤😒

  13. I like ninja arashi.I dont like ninja warrior

  14. why ninja arashi 2 is so good ??? cause this game is so smooth… when arashi jumps and kills… I would say so smooth

  15. ninja worrier is copy of ninja arashi but sadly ninja worrier is popular

  16. I've finished ninja arashi 1 & 2(except the chapter 4 since its not released yet) and i haven't played ninja warrior. But seeing some videos from you, i think it was like this :
    Ninja Arashi : If you want a good graphic, smooth gameplay, quite challenging but not too hard levels and bosses, more variable enemies, and kinda feels like a real ninja.

    Ninja Warrior : If you feel like Arashi is too easy and like more challenge that is so hard and almost impossible, dont really mind not-so-smooth gameplay and not-so-good graphic, and likes to have some rage while playing games.

  17. Both are okay, besides they are made from two different developers and ninja warrior not having a melee attack might not be a bad thing if you really play it well

  18. What about enemies in ninja warrior chapter 1 and 2 gun shooter , normal soldering

  19. Ninja Arashi is no better,but ninja Arashi is blockbuster game

  20. U can't compare ninja arashi to this stupid game which was copied …everything about ninja warrior is rubbish

  21. ᴛᴇᴄʜɴɪᴄᴀʟ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀs says:

    I set name green poison for "Acid"

  22. Ninja is more like a challenge to you. If you want a tough game to play then it is perfect for you


  24. Fun fact Ninja Warrior 2 copy Ninja arashi 2

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