Ninja Arashi Final Boss Battle (Android Gameplay) -

Ninja Arashi Final Boss Battle (Android Gameplay)

Abhinav Sureka
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Useful tips to beat the boss (Orochi):

1) Start the game by slashing the boss right away.
2) Jump around to save yourself from boss and acid, while recharging your sword ability.
3) Once recharged, swiftly turn around and hack the bastard!
4) Repeat.
5) Sometimes you just can’t escape your fate.
6) Practice makes perfect.

[Update: You can kill the green acid with sword/shuriken…. temporarily.
It come back to life after few seconds.]

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  1. Thank you for helping me with this only problem is we both died together i still beat it thou

  2. But i can t finish the last 15 level if you have any idea to escale please

  3. Plz support me guys i also play ninja arashi and uploaded some videos also

  4. So there is no fucking trick how to kill the boss? Just pure talent?? 😱

  5. It's easy I have completed it several times I just use blades to attack orochi and the sword for the green floating acid thing. That's the best and I have never died while using this strategy.

    If you don't believe try this for yourself

  6. mainey to bhai 2 part k bhi paar karliye

  7. Just killed the Bastard without Dying he'll yeahhh

  8. I have clear the all level and playing ninja A rashi 2

  9. Bahi ninja arashi 1 last level lock hai to kaise unlock karen

  10. if you want to watch all chapters of NINJA ARASHI then check my new videos.

  11. Just wanna see the dialogues I was not able to read them all

  12. Who's came after the second part

  13. Thanks for providing music link. I got my music.

  14. Bhai mera part 1 ka 16 stage start nhi ho raha h aisa kyu..jabki 15 stage paar kar diye h..

  15. Im lazy for beat ninja arashi 1 cuz i wanna play ninja arashi 2 (i completed almost all stages )

  16. F to Arashi

    (Not really, because someone revives him nj Ar 2)

  17. I've heard this exact music used in a maze app.

  18. Cool from Ukraine.с какого раза прошел?

  19. Ngl 2nd level is easier than the first 😂😂

  20. CAPITULOS 125 Y 126 esta es la cuenta holi wis pt says:

    Is easy

  21. Hey bro meine bhi karliya all parts 😄😀😤😤

  22. मेरा game भी देखें पसंद आए तो लाइक करे

  23. This game was so hard to me, I tried to win but im stuck in chapter 3 in a long time :')) what a sad story~~

  24. bhai chapter 2 khul he nahi raha he 1 level sho nahi kar raha he

  25. 🛡️MĀHĘŅĎŔĄ ĶÌÑĢ 🛡️ says:

    🤣🤣 you are very bot

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