Ninja BEGS Epic games to change... Will They Listen? Chap Leaves Team Liquid? -

Ninja BEGS Epic games to change… Will They Listen? Chap Leaves Team Liquid?

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Ninja BEGS Epic games to change… Will They Listen? Chap Leaves Team Liquid?


  1. The gameplay in this video is exactly why I don't play fortnite like I use to.

  2. Bring siphon back and glider redeploy sniper pump

  3. Season 3 was when fortnite was good after they destroyed tilted and started adding so many unnecessary things to the game It was not fortnite anymore, I tried to keep making content on channel but I just didn’t enjoy the game anymore and I haven’t dropped a fortnite video in a good minute

  4. I am a literal dumpster fire at this game but I understand where all the pro players are coming from. SBMM and Forced Cross-play has made casual matches laggy and less casual. Forced Cross-Play makes things laggy, Cross-Play should only be optional. I understand why pro players hate SBMM, but it should really be optional. I agree with the fact that communication is a problem, Epic really needs to talk to us more, they can’t just keep us in the dark.

  5. Epic Games can go fuck them selfs with their trash ass game

    until they bring back the fun in the game / bring old fortnie back


  6. Fortnite is dead, there is no saving Fortnite bc/ there is no communications with the community and spoiled pros are ruining the game. Fortnite is trash and it will always be.

  7. this game began to plummet, the second they vaulted pumps at the end of season 8

  8. what happened to liquid bro. they owned fortnite for the longest time. Then Poach quit. Chap dropped Tom, and then vivid had nobody

  9. Competitive players are why I left them

  10. Had anyone else had issues where you try to emote and you can’t or it freezes you so you can’t move and then it emotes after 10 seconds or so. Also I’ve had issues where I can’t shoot or build. It’s not my internet as it’s 40mbps and directly connected via ethernet

  11. I wish epic had the iq too fix it but that aint happening

  12. I think a main reason is the game takes no skill no more 💀😂

  13. You Just Want Fame Too Because If It Wasnt And Enjoy Making Fortnite Videos You Won’t Leave Because Of Views But I Feel Ya But Dont Try To Sugar Coat It To Make It Seem Like You Doing It Because You Love Making Fortnite Videos

  14. anybody remember when this guy had less than 30k?

  15. Yo i still play fortnite i will never i believe in the fortnite communitie

  16. Why did I come back when game started to end(season 10)like I left for God damn 1 season and this is what I get
    I this karma epic like am sorry

  17. I love fortnite if it keeps going this way it will fall by 2023

  18. I left before the fire started (season1-season9)

  19. This is a game I’ve loved and played for over 2 years and I would get home and hop on and play w the boys and it was amazing how epic would communicate with us and listened to the community but now they’ve just blocked us off and don’t listen I really don’t want the game to die. A game like this only appears once a decade. I won’t forget all the good times like winning w the boys or getting a bot his first win and hitting your first trick shot back when the game was fun and skill based matchmaking ruined all of this and like a good bit of the community i want the of map back. I really do miss the good Fortnite back around season 2-8 when it was good😞😥☹️

  20. tbh i think epic games is trying to make fortnite die

  21. Anyone else hate sweats as well l, as a under average player.

  22. Roses are red, violets are blue, I was late to this video, and so were you. Sameeeer#1118

  23. Fortnites not fun anymore 😒 they need to listen or give us back our money

  24. We are in chapter 2 season 5 and they added the mandoloran and baby yoda

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