NINJA BLADE Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME No Commentary [1080p 60fps] -

NINJA BLADE Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME No Commentary [1080p 60fps]

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NINJA BLADE Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME No Commentary [1080p 60fps]

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In 2015, a small village was attacked by unknown creatures and the survivors were moved to a research facility where they underwent examination. While at the research facility, the survivors began to show symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis, and it was found out they were infected by a strange type of hookworm parasite, which was classified as “Alpha-worm”. Conventional medicine had no effect on the patients and the worms deformed the victims, but the infection also increased the strength and resilience of the patients.

The infected eventually broke free and attacked the researchers and, due to a fear of an outbreak, the military assaulted the facility and destroyed all traces of the infected. To prevent panic, governments of the world kept the Alpha-worms secret. The G.U.I.D.E (Global United Infestation Detection and Elimination) force was formed by Agent Michael Wilson, recruiting elite operatives from around the world. Eventually, after a massive outbreak of Alpha-worm infestation takes over the city of Tokyo, an elite ninja team including the young Ken Ogawa, and led by his father Kanbe, is sent to deal with the situation.

☑️ Initial release date : January 29, 2009
☑️ Developer : FromSoftware
☑️ Mode(s) : Single-player
☑️ Engine : Havok
☑️ Genre : Action, hack and slash
☑️ Publisher : FromSoftware, Microsoft Studios, Iceberg Interactive
☑️ Platforms : Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

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  1. i had such a vague memory of playing it, all i remember is the intro of the alley and ninja ,monster, tokyo and thats what i googled

  2. The boss I had the most hard time killing was the giant worm that crawls up the scaffolding of the building and also the giant spider

    Also pause at 1:36:38
    Damn that snake girl got cake

  3. Awesone game. With the two-handed sword it is very easy to defeat that boss. you don't let it move.

  4. i use to play this game when i was 6 yrs old♥️

  5. I completed Ninja 🥷 Blade and it took place in Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 in 2015 where the outbreak started and then a high school girl 👧 who just mutated into a monster 👹 and killed the businessman 👨‍💼 and Ken and other ninjas 🥷 have been called by the Prime Minister to eliminate creatures called the Carriers and took them down in the ruined building and Ken had to eliminate the spider 🕷 type Carrier by exterminating it and took it down on top of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and I realize the Kuroh and his father had been infected by the outbreak’s disease or virus that got them subjugated by killing other soldiers and Ken’s friend Andy and Kuroh and Ken’s father asked Ken to join them but he refused and Ken tried to take down Kuroh but his father stabbed him in the arteries or something else by the sword 🗡 called the Ninja 🥷 Blade and he was found on the top of the building by soldiers but some guy told them not to touch the body because it’s toxic and he had sent a hazmat crew to bring him to the hospital 🏥 and asked them to secure the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and some doctor 👨‍⚕️ revived Ken and the founder who turned out to be a agent explain what happened years ago around the world 🌎🌍🌏 that’s got infected by an outbreak and turned people into mutated monsters and they resembled a squad and quickly put them down, not only that Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 too and I did missions 1-9 and took down “the big one☝️” and Tokyo has been rebuilt by healing ❤️‍🩹 from its wounds and amazing 🤩 times I have with my game and found the Shinobi Moji on my game.👍

  6. For some reason it crashed several times at certain levels and I had to start over again

  7. Game require a little bit rework, but for 2009 it is good. Thanks for amazing childhood, Ninja Blade!

  8. So Ninja Gaiden is Ryu and Ninja Blade is Ken? Seriously?

  9. 2:09:08 Wait hold up. How in the world he didn't get sucked up in there 😂😂

  10. This game is way better than most games in 2022

  11. Around the 30 minute mark you can see that the same model was used for bosses in Demon's Souls(Armored Spider) and Ninja Blade(Arachne). I think that's cool in a way.

  12. I finally found this game after searching for it for a long time

  13. this game wanted to follow ninja gaiden footstep but it failed

  14. This game should be backwards compatible to the xbox series x

  15. Come on, this is fucking METAL GEAR RISING before it even releases. Ridiculous how nobody notice.

  16. we need a remaster with a decent price tbh

  17. Fun fact: this game came out the same year demon souls and ninja gaiden sigma 2 came out
    I really enjoyed it
    Tough as nails but there were too many boss fights and the fact it has dmc’s save system (once you finish there is only one save for each mission start to finish) was really annoying
    I remember some missions take 3 hrs to beat
    Sadly I couldn’t overcome its difficulty (its a FS game after all)
    But I really enjoyed it
    Hopefully Microsoft can reach out and get us a remaster or part 2 i guess

  18. Pure masterpiece I love it bro next gta iv and prototype and assassin's Creed too

  19. Yo not gonna lie played this as kid got it as a rental will never forget it I miss it so much

  20. Never heard of this game. I’m missing out!😭 see if i can find it in the marketplace and get it on my series x

  21. Grew up on this game carrion crab gave me heavy shit back then took me days idk why

  22. I stand whole day in net cafes watching other kids play this game cause I don't have money toplay this game

  23. We need a sequel in or remake of this game

  24. we need a ninja blade 2.0 🥺 for next gen consoles xbox and ps5 🥺🥺

  25. Proof FS are not magicians and are just very lucky to have a cult fan base

  26. One of my best ever game that i'm play in my pc

  27. its quite disturbing to see this comment section huh

  28. this is the greatest game of all time

    fight me



  30. the only fromsoft game that's a real game is ds2; the rest are movies that look like games

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