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Ninja Blade (Xbox 360 Gameplay) | Forgotten Games

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Gameplay of Ninja Blade, developed by FromSoftware and released for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2009.

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  1. From software goated game company! Eldin ring is top tier

  2. I played this back in like 2012/13 on the 360 man this game was so sick childhood classic

  3. I downloaded a rom of this game and my chacter ninja suit is pitch black. No white scarf or details just pitch black. How do you fix it?

  4. I remember when X-Play reviewed this, they compared it favorably to Ninja Gaiden

  5. This game was my childhood I never forgot this game

  6. This was an awesome game, despite what people said. Buggy though.

  7. shame Microsoft didn't Backwards Compatibility Ninja Blade

  8. Ninja Blade not being backwards compatible makes me think From Software might want to have another go at it.

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