NINJA BLOODBATH - Sword with Sauce Gameplay -

NINJA BLOODBATH – Sword with Sauce Gameplay

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Note to self: Never get left on a deserted island with Lawrence. Or go on a camping trip with him. Or go anywhere where there might be snakes.

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  1. holy shit. bruce is bar none the worst video game player i have ever seen in my entire life

  2. Hey look, a small game that I bought before Funhaus did a video on it. Neat.

  3. I bought this game thought I'd be a Adam but I'm more a Bruce.

  4. i bought this game and the shield isnt on there anybody know why???

  5. A bunch of sucking dick concepts here with no pron to showcase it…

  6. Can't believe they "ingored" her so rude


  8. That's going on the sound board Bruce saying "I gassed them all"

  9. Anyone know the outro song? Kinda wanna see what they based it on.

  10. Anyone know the outro song? Kinda wanna see what they based it on.

  11. Literally the greatest Funhaus ending of all time

  12. Hey Lawrence, if you woke up with a condom in your butt, would you tell anybody?

  13. I literally come back to this video just to watch the ending all the time

  14. I come back here every so often just to see the ending

  15. Her face after she gets ingored is hilarious

  16. You can shoot through walls with x Ray goggles and a gun. You guys should try the most recent version (mod workshop support)

  17. ignore the girl, this is totally me and my friends when someone brings a girl

  18. hold the right click. it deflects all the bullets from the rifle until they reload

  19. This just makes me wanna play titanfall

  20. Is that mic stand on the left a new member of funhaus? It seems nervous.

  21. why would you throw away the cups? That's wasteful, they just fell on the floor.

  22. I need to know the song they used at 19:54 that's some black dynamite shit 😂

  23. "U guys wanna go camping?…" hahaha Lawrence is the best I want him to b my friend soooo bad I want bromance!

  24. Imagine being a hired goon guarding some mob boss's high rise building. Some random ninja jumps onto the roof, knocks one person out, but proceeds to get locked out of the building and just starts desperately throwing gas grenades towards you. All the grenades miss and fall off the building, and the rest of the goons storm the roof and shoot the ninja full of holes.

  25. Adam as THE MARKSMAN James as CAPTAIN TRASHCAN Lawrence as THE NEUROTIC HERMIT Bruce as GAS RAT and Elyse as THE IGNORED!!!

  26. Elyse’s face after being ignored broke my heart lol

  27. What the hell is that ending song w Bruce’s anime intro thing it’s hella sweet

  28. The end had my finish laughing until I had tears I miss this group of friends

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