Ninja Family 😂 -

Ninja Family 😂

Father and Son Goalkeeping
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  1. Is that the Southampton one, if it is I've been there 😅

  2. I have one question when is Ollie going to play soccer again

  3. Does Ollie like Alison Becker the goalkeeper from Liverpool

  4. Anyone notice Ollie allowed his sister to climb before him?? Fine young gentleman! 🫡

  5. Amazing! I did this a couple weeks ago, really fun! Ollie did amazingly well getting up that wall at his size, and of course he delivered with the worthy celebration!

  6. THAT PLACE IS SO FUN, I went for a friends birthday party

  7. That little 6-shooter move of his is actually really good for the hips and quads if your alignment is good. Keep doing that everyday and one day you look around and you're the only person your age who can do it. ;~)

  8. Now he only had to teach her his celebration 🙂

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