Ninja Finally RETURNED To Fortnite But Was SHOCKED After Seeing What Epic Did To The Game... -

Ninja Finally RETURNED To Fortnite But Was SHOCKED After Seeing What Epic Did To The Game…

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In todays video we have Ninja FINALLY returning to Fortnite but he was SHOCKED after seeing that Epic updated the game now so mats are capped at 500 and you get health after an elimination! Let me know what you guys think down below!


Myth and Pokimane!
Ninja Funniest Moments!
Ninja Highlights!
Myth Funniest Moments!
Myth Highlights!
Ninja Vs Myth!
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  1. 500 mats wtf lemme no skill spam till they run out😂😂😂😂

  2. I Like it!. You should be a certified Alpha 😉

  3. Is it just me or do yall marshmello fans feel bad for killing marshmellos 😂

  4. This is how much damage your next peacekeeper shot will do


  5. Who knows how long it would have taken epic to make changes if apex hadn’t came along and gave them competition

  6. Just saying the infantry rifle is good just because streamers make video complaining about all the new stuff that comes on to your game just because they don't know how to use it yet and frankly who cares for an e.x ,,,, ninja and tefue and every other streamer that complains about your game but yet still get paid for making the videos if they going to do that why play the game you guys should say something to em or hell give some one else money for making videos and won't wine about everything little thing new about the game.. and if your wondering why you ain't getting as much players as before because of tefue and ninja and every other sook saying all the new details or guns are shit huh , yeah they good at the game but don't complain they still win don't they fucking calm down and besides they HACKK don't believe me watch there videos properly they just get instant hits like wtf like that's not hacking is it maybe for them they are aloud to …

  7. Hackers and complainers that what all you's are

  8. I disliked because it had apex not fortnite

  9. They need to make it to wear controller on pc get to vs co troller people

  10. I want 999 all the money I spent on my trash ass account and yall do this

  11. I think that the mats cap is KIND OF stupid because you run out of mats really fast BUT the good thing about it is you can farm up and get max mats faster and the health after an elimination is a GREAT IDEA because if you just finish fighting someone and someone try’s to third party you’ll have the health to fight before the update after a fight someone would catch you trying to heal and would kill you if you are not prepared but overall I think the update was good

  12. I hate apex. I straight waste clips on people and somehow they still stand. I dunno why but o can’t kill people in that game. I’ve downed a few out of miraculous luck but that’s about it.

  13. Lmao. Why did the last guy just quit like tht? 😭😭

  14. Good hes shit at apex dizzy carried him threw the whole tournemant

  15. All these apex clips while myth is still playing fortnite

  16. omg a 10 min video but only 1 ad shoutout to you

  17. I’ve never seen a more popular person who’s bad at video games than Doc tbh

  18. Am I the only one who hates healing after kill ?

  19. That's awesome. You should be a certified Alpha 🙂

  20. Don't care what people say shroud is the best Apex player

  21. If ninja starts crying about something being unfair epic always sucks up to him and agrees they don’t ask the community about what we want

  22. Why did they cap the mats to 500 huh??? I’m outta here I’m deleting fortnite and playing apex

  23. Fortnite and pubg are dying,apex legends is BOSS

  24. Don't read he can't spell

    To the 2% of people that read this I hope you all have a great day, I am not asking for anything but I really want to hit 1k before next MONTH. THANKS AN HAVE a great day 👍 💯

  25. Can they actually watch their mouths bc I let my little brother watch this game and it’s actually dumb how much they curse for a pig-13 audience

  26. Do you guys like Fortnite how it is now or should these settings be for Pop-Up cups only?!

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