Ninja First Fortnite Game on Stream (Fortnite Gameplay) -

Ninja First Fortnite Game on Stream (Fortnite Gameplay)

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This is Ninjas first game of Fortnite from his stream earlier today and he ended up with 8 kills but unfortunately he died right after he came out of the storm.

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  1. 6 years later this video will be remembered 😢😢

  2. I remember my first game. Got jumpscared by a pink rabbit in greasy groove I literally jumped out of my chair

  3. In my first game i picked up a mini gun and thought i was invincible but died to a scoped ar

  4. I come in this mood around this time every year for the past 2 years… Man i miss being young and playing this game with my friends…. its like i grew up with this game it means so much to me :/ good times it was moments i will never forget

  5. @Danindakut6300: me and my brother started playing at season 3 chapter 1 ofc.
    And in my first game I didn't know how to Sprint and the storm caught and I went into the soccer field near tilted and bro when I tell how confused I was after my thought that the storm wouldn't affect me in the soccer field 😂😂😂
    So nostalgic.😢😢

  6. They should make it so you get 1 edit per 10 seconds and maybe 1 build per 2 seconds that would make it a lot more enjoyable and more skill/strategy

  7. I won my first game some how probably because I played a lot of black ops

  8. i remember when there was friendly fire it was he best time every game

  9. And a weirdo of YouTube and Fortnite was born…..

  10. Im tears man, this shit is to nostalogic, me and my deaf cousin would always pkay fortnite on my ps4 all night long, its been 6 years since he passed, i can really see myself and him laughing and playing this game. I miss beibg young and happy man

  11. who is here during the return of og fortnite?

  12. The learning curve to build was insane back then. Brings a tear to my eye 😢

  13. so there’s a storm and you have to fight to the death

  14. As much as it sucks that fortnite will never be like this again change is always good rather it be good or bad, fortnite sure has come along way

  15. Sadly the first person ninja killed is no longer playing 😢

  16. This prob alr said but do any of you guys remember the feeling of hopping on with the boys at night just chilling

  17. the guns damage were incredible unbalanced

  18. everyone saying they miss how peaceful it was back then, i remember vividly shitting my pants when i was in the top 10 of the lobby

  19. back when you had to actually listen for footsteps.

  20. Jesus and God Loves Us All! ✝️😁 God Bless You All ❤️❤❤❤

  21. Every streamer in this time period was so incredibly skilled at basic combat, and take Ninja for example his skill garnered from his past with H1Z1 gave him such a competetive edge to allow him to transition his 1st/3rd person shooter skills into a brand new BR practically effortlessly, thats why he was so ahead of his time and incredible at what he did. There was practically no competition for him, he was the bar to reach beside every other streamer/pro like himself. Minus this clip, but for his first streamed game- ill be damned he was really good

  22. game used to be perfect , really sad to see

  23. My first game I didn’t know fall damage was a thing so i jumped off a cliff and died😭

  24. Only the true OG remember that Dusty Depot didn't have a name in the first season!!!

  25. these early days of the game were so fun…

  26. I made top 3 in my first game, but I just spent the entire time hiding from everyone! 😆😆

  27. I'm not an OG, but everything used to be better when there were no sweaters around

  28. I won my first game with a scar only, I believe. Thankfully, I played PUBG before, so I knew how the storm worked.

  29. i was hoping for some noob gameplay but its ninja so why would we get that

  30. my first game i saw a gas station and decided to level it

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