Ninja Fortnite Best Moments -

Ninja Fortnite Best Moments

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Watch a compilation of Ninja’s best moments

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  1. Cómo extraño estos tiempos, lo malo que eso fue hace años, y ahora estamos en el año 2022 que ya no es igual, público este comentario el día jueves13/10(octubre)/2022(jugador que volverá)

  2. Wow I really enjoyed this video kept me entertained the entire way through. 1:20 was a great part.

  3. Bro lemme tell yall we aint getting this fortnite back ever 🥺 i miss it

  4. Now this is how you have fun when you’re young This is when Fortnite was fun

  5. POV: you're watching this in 2022 and realize how much he's changed for the better.

  6. I really miss how broken Fortnite was back then, that’s what got Fortnite popular. Having fun, but now it’s just that public matches for a new player make it look like FNCS to them. Good old days

  7. They should make a classic mode on Fortnite where everything plays like this.

  8. Back when fort didn’t have arena/comp events ah the good old days just having fun with the boys

  9. I just saw an ad for a game called Ninja Must Die. I was like, “NO WAY HE SHOULDN’T! DO YOU SEE THESE SKILLS?!?!”😂

  10. See this video in almost 2023 makes me feel so nostalgic 🥲

  11. for someone like me, that played fortnite at season 5 chapter 1 actually i can say that actual fortnite its massively better than 2018 fortnite for obviously reasons but we make old fortnite like something better than it was.

  12. You’re like me in Fortnite now in this vid cause in this vid your not really good. I’m sorry. Leave a like if you think the same. I mean building.

  13. These graphics, these weapons, these pois, these feels of everyone just having fun, messing around, those items, man this game was a stress relief. This really was the good old days hey guys!

  14. If there is enough of us. Why can't we just have this back?

  15. 20mil views is wild for a fortnite video😮❤🎉🎉

  16. The good old sounds of shooting an picking up traps an mats

  17. Epic Games never heard the phrase “Less is more”.

  18. Can Fortnite please bring this back like even a game mode of season 1–3 pleaseeeee

  19. No me puedo imaginar actualmente que sería de fortnite si no pudieras correr ni deslizarte….

  20. i would do anything to go back and play season 3 one more time

  21. You are de best ninja ever bro😊

  22. Fortnite is still fun imo but we will never experience THIS HYPE

  23. The good times of me and my friends on the mic playing creative. Those days never get better

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