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Ninja Gaiden 3 Full Game Walkthrough

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  1. Still waiting for Ninja Gaiden 4..3 is a classic right next to MGR Revengeance

  2. I have this game 🎮 in my Ps3 it's brutal

  3. Man. the icing on the cake wouldve been you doing the dragon moves where you were so close to doing it and hoping you would accidentally do it and that wouldve been very nostalgic

  4. So in ninja gaiden 3,there's no item we can use for example health item?

  5. Who agrees that ninja gaiden 3 original is better than razors edge

  6. In this version Ryu has no other weapons except sword and a bow?
    Please tell me

  7. I forgot they took out dismemberment. Razor's Edge did this game justice.

  8. You gotta manage hp in this game bro 😂
    5:05:08 how do you cast the Dragon btw

  9. Ninja gaiden 3 and ninja gaiden 3 razor edge is literally the same game

  10. I love this gane i finished it before some years tho

  11. I remember when i used to play this back in 2017

  12. Fredrick white 👉🏻Juryhacksworld on Instagram says:

    What am I to press to bring out the dragon in ps 3

  13. ⚔️⛩️⚔️
    Best regards from

  14. I played Ninja 🥷 Gaiden3: Razor’s Edge and it’s about Ryu Hayabusa a Dragon 🐉 Ninja 🥷 agreed to accept the missions and had to defeat enemies in London, UK 🇬🇧, a Middle Eastern Country, the island, the lab, his village, Antarctica 🇦🇶, French Polynesia, Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 and Ayane had to go to Paris, France 🇫🇷 to get a massage 💆‍♀️ but it has been interrupted by enemies called LOA: The Lords of Alchemy that’s subjugating the world 🌎🌍🌏 and she had to go to America 🇺🇸 to defeat LOA mercenaries that’s subjugating the area and Ayane had to take them down. Ryu had to take down enemies including the Goddess and the LOA has been defeated and amazing 🤩 times I have and the curse on Ryu’s right arm called the Grip Of Murder and he had to defeat Theodore to get it removed off his right arm.👍

  15. 7:15 What The Hell Is Wrong With You
    Ryu Hyabusa Why Did You Have To Go Far And Kill This Man I Understand That He Was Working For A Terrorist Organization But He Didnt Know That And Didnt Know What He Was Getting Himself Into, He Never Hurt A Fly And Hes Was Only Co Operating With Them Because He Was Trying To Earn Alot Of Money To Support His Family That Are Poor And Also He Was Surrendering, Your A Messed Up Person Ryu Hyabusa, If I Was In You Shoes I Let This Man Live And Return Home To His Family And I Would Have Pretend I Never Saw Him, Now His Family Are Going To Have To Live With Out Their Father/Husband, How Does That Make You Feel Knowing You A Piece Of Trash Person

  16. 7:16
    poor bastard i wish there was a spare option
    terrorist or not he's tryin to feed his family that or he lied about it and his family is dead and he never killed anyone always believed in jesus and god himself
    my respect

  17. I have the PS3 version of this game I had lost it for a few years and I ended up getting the master collection and found the damn game on my shelf a day later 💀

  18. I hate that they cut some much content in the Razors Edge version, I feel like its vital to the stories progression. Although I did like the Cursed battles, definitely made up for those long walks when your arm was acting up

  19. I used to play this game all the dang time as a kid. Thanks for being my childhood back

  20. So i recently got ninja gaiden 1-3…wish me luck

  21. Playing this game on hard and I’m already disappointed

  22. They actually just released all three games but different versions of them

  23. Like they re-released ninja gaiden 3 and 2. But not the original ones thought. It was razors edge and sigma 2

  24. So now Ryu kills unarmed enemies? That doesn’t seem right.

  25. I really find it annoying how Ryu keeps saying what sounds like ‘Sit!’ all the time.

  26. Funny how a guy at about 53:45 said ‘You’re goin’ down!’ and then you went up.

  27. What version is this one??? Because the one I'm playing now there loosing all there limb when I fight them

  28. Mine must be the remastered on cuz its a lot harder then this one

  29. i remember playin this on ps3 when i was like 8,9 years old, i’m 16 now.. and man is this nostalgic

  30. Москва Ташкент Душанбэ🐯🌎 says:

    Я тоже всю серию Ниндзя Гайден прошол и пройду снова скоро брат спасибо тебе дорогой👍😎👊👊👊🤝

  31. I used to play this game when I was like 8/9, and I miss it so much, thanks for bringing back memories

  32. Ninja Gaiden 3 and Razor's edge were both the same but Razor's Edge was better bc it has more features and playable characs. But Razor's Edge dont have the ending cutscene in the beginning.

  33. I used to Play the Ninja Gaiden Games a lot when I was 6 and 7 years old and now I’m 17. I played all of the Ninja Gaiden Games including the 3. This Games came out when I was 7 and Now I'm 17. Bringing me back to the good old days in memories huh.!

  34. this is way better than razors edge they remove the perfect opening

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