NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch -

NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Revel in the intensity of the critically acclaimed NINJA GAIDEN series when NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection comes to Nintendo Switch June 10.

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  1. Ninja Gaiden 2 is much better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay.


  3. Let's hope Sigma and Sigma 2 are based on their Sigma Plus ports.

  4. Here's hoping they fix the inverted camera in the first game

  5. I'm so hype for this collection and I get the feeling that Ryu Hayabusa is gonna make it in to smash.

  6. KOEI, Please, please, please use the xbox 360 version.

    The PS3 version removed most blood and gore
    The PS3 version runs at 30 fps vs xbox 360 60 fps
    The PS3 version has less enemies on screen as opposed to the xbox version
    The PS3 has been toned down in difficultly.

    Please KOEI if you are going to release the sigma games go with the xbox versions and just add in the filler content. Do NOT go with the kiddy Sigma 2. It is a disgrace to all hardcore Ninja Gaiden fans.

    Why would any xbox player buy this? Especially if they own an xbox one or series x/s?

    Ninja Gaiden Black > Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    Ninja Gaiden II > Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, especially if you own an xbox one x, xbox series s or x than Ninja Gaiden 2 whips the floor with Sigma 2.

    I was so pumped when I heard about this collection. But knowing that it is Sigma 1 and 2 and being an xbox own I have to pass, as the Sigma games was just not as good and almost feel like totally different inferior games.

  7. Thanks watchmojo, you made me recognise a track without me playing the actual game! Good job. You actually did something neat for once

  8. Anyone knows the title of the background song that starts in 0:31 ?

  9. I am more excited for this than all the other games in the direct

  10. Let me guess 1 game on the cart and the other 2 you have to download loli

  11. They should also include Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

  12. Ryu hayabusa entering the world of nintendo, now he just need to join the fight in smash.

  13. Completed Black an 2 on Master Ninja on XBox. Happy to get my hands on Sigma1 and Sigma2 too.
    And I'll ignore the utter trash that's NG3.

  14. Ninja Gaiden master collection pn 3 different consoles please Team ninja better use this profit for Ninja Gaiden 4. Everyone and their Grandma will be this collection.

  15. Tell me why I just searched this game for the switch and here this announcement is .. Oh yeah Im deff getting this 😎

  16. Hopefully we can get DOA in the future on the switch

  17. Pc version is better than switch one… It owns [fps doug]

  18. Omg is razors edge going to have online that would be amazing

  19. Now a Collection, maybe in the future we'll have a Ninja Gaiden 4!
    I hope so, this franquise was so dead after Yaiba Ninja Gaiden

  20. When cames the game out for the nitendo switch

  21. Was not expecting this when I looked up nintendo ninja's

  22. So bummed that this only has Sigma 2 and not the original 2.

  23. There will be a physical release of this game. YouTube is blocking it for some reason but it will be at Videogame plus (Canadian shop) for an import copy (with English text) options. No shipping restrictions as I can see.

    Preorders are open.

  24. I'm hoping it runs at 60fps🤞 or have an option like darksiders.

  25. Will it come physically in América? If not i Will sadly not bought it.

  26. Hope sigma 2 on the collection has blood and limb removal like the ps vita edition

  27. First one was the best I want it with better graphics looking good

  28. Is this going to be a physical game? I don't buy digital games,screw digital dude.

  29. This has me on so much hype it’s ridiculous really 😯

  30. Old games coming to Switch because the Switch can't handle huge AAA games come on Nintendo give us a more powerful console mobile type games and old ports are sucking the Switch dry

  31. What’s The the name of the first song that plays ?

  32. will this game support motion controls ie swinging the joy-cons to defeat enemies?

  33. Who is stronger: Ryu Hayabusha vs Rikimaru (Tenchu) ???

  34. Really, Ninja Gaiden sigma versions? No thanks. They had nothing on the difficulty of the originals on xbox and xbox 360. Sigma 2 didn't even have a new game plus mode.

  35. I miss pre Sigma. When there was the satisfaction of the slicing and bludgeoning of bodies with a Dexter like spray of ketchup. The good ol days

  36. I just hope they bring back clan battles

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