Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It? -

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

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  1. This remaster game must be receiving mixed to favorable reception so far. I'm still getting the game on the Switch no matter what. Why? Because I just want to support the franchise and be the source of boosting up more sales of the game to make it sell stronger and thus make the franchise popular and relevant again just like back in the good ol' days. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Jesus Christ dude how do these stupid fucking companies keep messing up the switch games? How are you going to tell me you can't make a game from the Xbox and Xbox 360 in perfect resolution like that is such bullshit?!!!

  3. I had to turn this video off because it was pissing me the hell off don't know if these developers just need to be hit in the face with a goddamn Hammer but they're all fucking incompetent. I mean if we're talking about a PS4 conversion I get it yeah… I could see how that would pale in comparison to the PS4 or the Xbox one but we're not talking about a PS4 game we're not talking about a highly technical game from the last 2 years we're talking about a game from fucking 10 years ago. I mean I probably wasn't going to get it on Switch to begin with but that's besides the point…. The point is these bastards need to be killed. All these developers who purposely screw up these games on switch need to be killed.

  4. just get the emulated version on pc. it has actual settings to choose from

  5. Ya'll gave it a 5 out of 10 before day one patch, we all know by Doom 2016 there will be patches to fix it as porting to switch is trickier than say PS4.

  6. Does anyone know if its one singular app/game on the switch that plays all 3 games or if its 3 separate app/games on the Switch? I only have Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge on there and can't find the other 2 games.

  7. Reminds me of wiiu version. Very fun. But ill pass ✌🏿

  8. Issues like this tend to be patched out ~ I'll wait to see if they are. If not I'll get it on my PS4. 🙂 I have so much to play, I'm in no rush.

    I actually played a good bit of Ninja Gaiden 3 on the Wii U, and I believe it was a much better experience on that than what we are seeing here. This is most likely a software issue.

  9. Mr. GeNatiX - Hardstyle and Trance music says:

    NG 3 looks way too dark. Is the PS5 version better?

  10. As always switch gets the worst version, but you get to play it on the go right? 😂😂😂

  11. The master collection is introducing new players and remind old players that they will be making a new ninja gaiden. Cant wait for the ps5 ninja gaiden

  12. If I can offer a little more clarity for Ninja gaiden sigma 2 and sigma 3…

    They're still playable and very enjoyable but it's best to say that if you're looking for a competitive edge without stuttering like the early PS3 days, then you need another version.

  13. I got the collection for my switch lite it’s not perfect but playable and fun almost done sigma 2 then will play 1 and 3. Love that I have this on my pocket

  14. Switch is basically a portable PS3, so performance level seems as expected, tbh.

  15. After having completed the first two games on Switch, I can safely say..

    this reviewer is completely full of sh*t

    The 2nd game runs and looks wonderful 90% of the time. These are some of the finest action games every created and are an absolute treat to play portably.

    But the reviewer wouldn’t know that. The footage for NG 2 doesn’t even show anything past the first stage.

    Find better freelancers NL. Cause this is some crap misinformation here. A ton of other reviewers would attest to that.

  16. I would buy this in an instant if the physical got a western release. I am not a big fan of collecting from other regions. Guess I will get the digital on a good sale.

  17. So in other words I should get it for my ps5 instead.

  18. Well, sounds like can save my bucks for that title. Seems this is just one of the typical "Japanese trash releases" … Thx for the great insight!

  19. I'm glad to still own my original Xbox (360) Releases of NG Black, NG 2 and 3 RE to play on Series X with backwards compatibility. Own the Sigma games on PS3 as well, but always prefered the xbox versions

  20. Buying the original on xbox360, the sigma editions dumbed down the difficulty and violence. That's a no go for me.

  21. whyd u post this review 3 months before the game came out. are these clips just from other consoles?

  22. I’ve just finished all three games on the Switch… “it isn’t what we hoped for”.
    Sigma 2 and razor’s edge are real bad.

  23. Just break through ninja gaiden 2, the video performance is not as expect.

  24. I hope they continue to support and patch this game and don't call it quits. I've looked forward to having these games in portable format for a while, and I don't want to have to track down a Vita to get it :/

  25. Nintendolife I think your being a little too hard on this game It's actually quite good all the games are at least to me I haven't had any Issues from either game so I don't know what to tell you guys…. also Ninja gaiden 3 razor's edge Is hella 🔥 like easily my favorite game of the 3

  26. Man I’m getting my ass kicked all over again and I like it

  27. I recently gotten this for the switch, I notice right away the frame rate and textures, I suggest PS4 or xbox

  28. Yeah shame i got all 3 but razor edge looks so blurry

  29. You want better resolution picky mfs just adjust your dam brightness and gamma shooot doom 2016 with the right gamma and brightness looks 1080p🙄👀babies over some graphics horrible

  30. Basura!
    En modo portátil se ve asqueroso!
    Advertidos quedáis. 🤮

  31. How is the game runing on Switch atm ? Have they got the blood in sigma 2 and 3 ? Or is ith still only blood stains ?.

  32. Thank you for blocking during the gameplay. Good mention of the watered down levels in Sigma 2.

  33. Has there been any patches since release???

  34. Does Sigma 1 also have an easier mode like Sigma Plus or Black? Would be nice because I'm more of a causal gamer but I like DOA and Ryu and always wanted to try this. I liked the look of it but I heard it is extremely difficult then I read that Black and Sigma+ had a easier mode. No info on this collection.

  35. Does 1 of the games come with the original Trilogy?

  36. I was hoping when I heard the announcement that they were talking about the NES versions.

  37. Ninja Gaiden was challenging and BRUTAL. I ask myself everyday why the hell they removed all the decapitation and dismemberment from this collection. The should've ported the non singma versions. Unfortunately i don't have the 360 anymore, otherwise i'd play with the versions on that system

  38. I bet I’ll enjoy it fine and not have any problems. People love bitching.

  39. Man called a buddha statue, the statue of liberty 💀

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