Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Nintendo Switch Review -

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection Nintendo Switch Review

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The Ninja Gaiden Master Collection brings together 3 games in the classic franchise: – Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. Released for a combination of the Playstation 3/Xbox 360 and the Wii U back in the day, they now find themselves on the Nintendo Switch in this one package. Is it worth getting? Well, let’s find out….

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Review written and video created by Glen Bolger


  1. I still remember the day when i platinum the first ninja gaiden on ps vita and i really enjoyed the game.then i played ninja gaiden 2 still on ps vita i still enjoyed it but its impossible to platinum it because of they remove the online mode

  2. This guy barely played Ninja Gaiden 1 at all 😂

  3. you guys didn't mention that the ps3 "now loading" thing pops up all the time in sigma, like when you're running around it'll pop up and load for a few seconds sometimes happens when there are enemies on screen when you cross a threshold that causes it to load, the one that comes to mind is when you're playing as rachel in chapter 8? you run up some steps, 3 guys spawn, one has a rocket launcher then "now loading"… load completes and a rocket comes flying at me with a fraction of a second left to dodge. i remember this getting me killed on master ninja several times back in the day 🙁

  4. Not for me but I'm glad the rerelease is a solid one

  5. 3 was my favourite because of the steel on bone

  6. I heard the 3rd game is skippable..

    Is this true?

  7. *Ryu has been in doa forever. Ayane is in the first ng and doa

  8. Been playing the first two games since I bought upon release. I'm overjoyed to find out that Mark has flown in on his silvery accented wings to rescue all of the misinformed masses from the atrocity that was the bogus two hundred pound booger of fake video game news which Nintendo Life released instead of their expected review of this collection. I'm still waiting for the apology article from them. For those of you who don't know what I'm referring to, Nintendo Life reviewed this collection a five out of ten, saying that the games suffer from so many performance issues that they are unplayable. We all know this is flat out not true. Mark, and anyone behind the scenes, thank you so much for corroborating that fact. Shame on everyone at Nintendo Life. Own up, or be prepared to lose a loyal follower.

  9. Day one patch only updates the game so sigma 2 isn't censored (jp and Asia region are censored with no decapitation with purple mist). it only adds in the decapitation back to sigma 2 for NA and EU only…no blood and gore restoration from the original NG2. If you don't like gore, you can also buy the rated D version on e-shop jp which censors Razor's Edge as well.

    Nice review. even though I do prefer the original, I'm still happy that this franchise is still getting a second chance.

    A tip for people struggling with the game, use the camera reset button instead of the right stick.

  10. It's yet another master collection that isn't actually a master collection like we've seen so many times before. Butchered or inferior versions of the originals packaged as the ultimate collection but just isn't.

  11. Picked up the All English Asian version. Awesome review.

  12. Question: does the Japanese version have English text and voices? I wanna know so I can get a copy from PlayAsia.

  13. They should make a Dead Or Alive game like this. Would be epic!!!!

  14. Great review…I think I'm going to scoop this after some patches are released

  15. It would have been good if you can do a comparison with the ps vita version just to see how much more improvements the switch version has on it.

  16. A decent port that allows people to focus on whether they like the games in question! Nice. I’ll probably stick to some rougelites a lil longer for now.

  17. Not exactly sure what you’re talking about when it comes to framerate. There were drops definitely below 50 and even down to 35 in Razors Edge from the very first fight. Still great games, but the framerate can be rough.

  18. Lmao these games will test ur reflexes and yours skills as a gamer! Lol enjoyable but sometimes some an enemies can piss u off😏😒

  19. Garbage compared to the xbox original versions of black and 2.

  20. I have dreamed of playing the 1st game on the go since it originally come out. 1 of my fave series of games

  21. Great and comprehensive review, as usual. Thanks for giving us all the info we need in order to decide whether we might like the games or not,

  22. So what's the best platform to get it? Switch or the ps4 pro?

  23. This remaster game must be receiving mixed to favorable reception so far. I'm still getting the game on the Switch no matter what. Why? Because I just want to support the franchise and be the source of boosting up more sales of the game to make it sell stronger and thus make the franchise popular and relevant again just like back in the good ol' days. 🤷‍♂️

  24. It's good to see ninja gaiden back home to nintendo

  25. Does anyone know if its one singular app/game on the switch that plays all 3 games or if its 3 separate app/games on the Switch? I only have Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge on there and can't find the other 2 games.

  26. Is it ‘Sekiro’ hard or ‘Devil May Cry’ hard?

  27. I’ve only played Razors edge an had fun with that, definitely be picking this up at some point to experience the other two before it

  28. Anyone know how big the Nintendo Switch Game Card, that is storing all three games, is??

  29. Last place I would want to play a game like this is on a switch with the tiny crap controls.

  30. I think I played Sigma 2, that was the one on 360 right?

  31. I don't understand how you can say that the lowered resolution in the sequels isn't noticable.
    Like, I can see it in the video. It's glaringly obvious. When the first game looks best someone f'd up in development.

  32. I'm glad you guys mentioned the camera. Seems to always be something fans of these games ignore. For a game about reacting and dodging the camera can often be really bad to the point where you can't even see attacks coming.

  33. Ninja Garden 1 is still the best action beat 'em up of all time. The Xbox Ninja Gaiden Black is far superior to Sigma. The Switch release looks blurry with a lot of aliasing. The original PS3 Sigma release ran at a native 1080p at a rock solid 60FPS. Isn't the Switch more powerful than the PS3?

  34. These r some of the dopest games I ever played growing up def buying

  35. So just to clarify, this version of sigma 2 now has a patch that brings back the gore from the original Xbox 360 version? Good review BTW.

  36. NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge is my favourite! (Played the Hell of this game on Wii U)

  37. I was worried about picking up this version because of all the bad things I've heard.

  38. Thanks for the review! Very excited to pick up this collection.

  39. Anyone still playing online on wii u add me sje_007

  40. I hope they fix this cause i loved this game and wanted too reply it but ….. all the game play on the switch looks awful

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