Ninja Gaiden (NES) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) -

Ninja Gaiden (NES) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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The Nerd tackles the infamous Ninja Gaiden for the NES. Widely considered one of the hardest games of the 8-bit era. Even a master ninja would have trouble, if given the chance. Well, a chance is given, as the Nerd seeks out the help of a sensei master. Q-tips will drop, thumbs will slice – it’s AVGN: Ninja Gaiden!

This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 87


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  1. Lol. you win Ninja Gaiden with the spinning blades called the Jump and Slash. It One Shots the end boss and most other bosses. You have to make sure you keep it and do not get other weapons.

  2. I just came across your page. I remember playing this game also when it came out! 🤣🤣 Great skits!!

  3. Glad to have been here from the beginning nerd thanks so much for all the amazing content over the years

  4. I became a seasoned veteran swearer when I was a kid as a result of this game and Ghosts & Goblins. I beat this game once, immediately took it out of the console and smashed it with a hammer on the steps of my back porch. The same fate befell Ghosts & Goblins.

  5. I remember taking off from school to beat this game. I consulted my Nintendo Magazine to give me clues. It wasn’t easy. The most challenging part was the boss at the end. Frustrating but rewarding.

  6. How could that ninja guy only appear on one nerd video? He did great

  7. AVGN is still great, 11 years on. One of the best shows to ever be made for the web.

  8. I was a master at this game. Beat it legitimately many times

  9. Since this was filmed the elusive invincibility game genie code was found. After 30 years I was finally able to beat this game.

  10. 小学生の頃にこのソフトを持っていました。いくらなんでも下手すぎませんかね。そこまで、難しくなかったけどな〜。

  11. I’m currently recreating and collecting my childhood games, they consist of basically every ninja game in existence along with other retro classics that may have a ninja character involved. Currently hunting for a cheap Shinobi Legions for the Saturn cuz it’s pretty expensive atm. I see lots of eBay sellers taxing $100+ for this title

  12. That's why everyone who pass those old games is a legend to me

  13. lol that's the most Japanese thing ever:
    "struggling? Here's a cheat for infinite lives"
    "But I already have infinite lives"
    "You're welcome"

  14. This game is like the proto souls like game lol

  15. Saw another video where dude was hitting the second final boss’s attacks with his sword

  16. Ninja Gaiden Death here comes a Epilepsy

  17. You need to get laid bro. So much anger and frustration needs to be vented.

    On a more serious note, its funny to watch your vids 😅👌

  18. This is one of those videos I wish I could give more than 1 thumb up

  19. Crazy how this would have dude canceled today. Lol.

  20. ….No one tell him about the ninja gaiden titles on future consoles. ESPECIALLY the sigma series

  21. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy for Nes is super hard

  22. absolutely fantastic 👏
    the jokes, the review, the guest, the special effects…… just fantastic

  23. Ryu from ninja gaiden is hayabusa in the dead or alive franchise.

  24. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is AWESOME!!! Beat all three growing up

  25. I've watched AVGN for 11 years now, and this is the most memorable.

  26. I could get to the final boss, never could beat though 😐

  27. The cream stream just beat this on stream!

  28. The Q tip part is my favorite SAAAIIIIIIIIITA TOO SLOW!!!

  29. "Before you can Beat the game, the game must beat you". Dark souls philosophy right there!

  30. Okay, but is nobody going to point out how awesome Kevin is as the ninja?

  31. Third game was easiest because you could upgrade your toothpic sword into serious weapon.

  32. 4:04–Even harder than theDouble Dragon trilogy?? You know what in talking about!

  33. i dont know that this game is hard to beat, at least lil me from 1995 had no probs with it!

  34. This is James Rolfe's Karate Kid. A masterpiece.

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