Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Neat Doors! - PART 1 - Game Grumps -

Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Neat Doors! – PART 1 – Game Grumps

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Arin puts on his ninja garments and checks out some sick doors.
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  1. arin won't be able to play sekiro: shadows die twice when it comes out then, you'll have to block a lot to beat enemies

  2. I refuse to watch shitty wii games!!! instead I'm going to rewatch this series!!! come on guys!!! there is a lot of good games right now like the messenger or dead cell or hollow knight!!! instead you are playing shitty wii games!!!

  3. Oh what's that?! "A Ninja must be aware of his surroundings"?!
    Well you're dealing with Arin Wait, What Am I Doing Again Hanson over here!!

    Disclaimer: Lol

  4. Fuck. I almost forgot to say this: This isn't Pokemon, this is Ninj Giden.

  5. I don't know why, but i'm getting huge Metal Gear Solid 3 vibes. Anyone else, or is that just me?

  6. Ninja Gaiden Sigma…

    I'm sorry, I'll stop

  7. Shureeken? Way to pronounce it wrong Arin. And this guy goes to Japan multiple times a year…

  8. Switching from the graphics of the Spider-Man play through to this 😂😂😩😩

  9. What’s the difference between Sigma and Black? They both seem exactly the same. Besides the graphics of course.

  10. You don't have to block all the time, you can evade most of the times too, you can counterattack out of a block too. Beaten NGB and NG2 on Master Ninja. I think that Ninja Gaiden has a much more enjoyable type of difficulty than Bloodborne and Dark Souls

  11. Why sigma instead of xbox one BC (or with the X enhancements on X)? (black running on X is better looking than sigma)

  12. This looks like ninja giaden black

  13. "PSHH… WHERE'S MY PRESENTS" launches my sides into orbit every time.

  14. 5:06 I keep thinking about "where's my present!" over and over 🤣

  15. The games been out for 11 years and you waited until then to play it😂

  16. You don't have to block in any of the Dark Souls games. Dodging is 90% of the time the best thing to do, especially in the later iterations.

  17. Arin not reading anything, THEN complaining about how he can't do something, or the game didn't tell him, or the game being poorly designed as a result, is pretty annoying.

  18. Why are there motorcycles in this ninja game!?

  19. For some reason, every time I hear rice paper, I get tempted to find out if it actually tastes like rice.

  20. "Ninja Gaijin" would be Beverly Hills Ninja.

  21. I remember this game! This was my shit when I was 5 😂

  22. Its amusing to watch someone play this who doesn't know about on-landing charges for ETs and UTs.

  23. Damn I thought the Great Spirt Elixir was some sweet ass Hookah

  24. I ended up here because of the Grump Out where Arin snipes his dying friend with an arrow on accident.
    (2:08) Arin: Need to stop coming on so aggressively – is what my girlfriend told me before I killed her.
    Me (Now and when I see Part4): Accident my ass.

  25. I remember this game, I played this when I was like 8 years old. I stopped not because it was hard, but because I got lost in the city level

  26. WTF? They played this?? How did I literally never know about this until now?
    Thank you Grump Out!

  27. waow! one whole episode?! why the long series?

  28. Anyone else here cause of the Master Collection?

  29. I remember playing this on xbox 360 as a teenager and I also didn't block. I had no idea there was a block

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