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Ninja Games for Android and iPhone

VNL Entertainment Games
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In this action packed open world sandbox RPG you are a ninja on a quest for vengeance! You will be fighting all sorts of bad guys in a corrupt city, taking their money and loot, upgrading yourself with a wide range of weapons, armor, and many more cool items! Cleanse the city with your lethal ninja arsenal and killer techniques!

Current Features:

– Fresh new modern settings
– Open city environment
– Over 150 quests, and still growing
– Loads of items such as weapons, armor, gadgets, etc..
– Simple inventory and shop system
– Over 30 lethal moves
– Simple control system
– Visually stimulating characters that you’d want to beat up

Key words: ninja RPG fighting game open world RPG


  1. I wan't continue* play this game, but the game crushed after updating Level 2. It happend probably in 2014-2016.

  2. Vnl can you make ninja game work for my iPhone 11 because I can’t download it

  3. hay vnl its me xblazox from mmorpg prodject cant wit for new game it look cool dose tht mean mmorpgproject well be gone no more updates

  4. Hey vnl this is soviet eagle 6 umm… I was wondering if I had a special weapon on mmorpg pls. I'm tired of higher rank bullies that r 40 rank. So may I have a special weapon pls… Thank u.ur #one fan

  5. School of chaos mmo will continue to be developed! Two different games. They will start of similar but will be two different games developed separately.

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