NINJA Games - Ninja Raiden,Ninja Arashi 2,Ninja Soul,Ninja's Creed,Ninja Revenge,Ninja Taigen -

NINJA Games – Ninja Raiden,Ninja Arashi 2,Ninja Soul,Ninja’s Creed,Ninja Revenge,Ninja Taigen

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All ninja games-Ninja arashi 2,Ninja Taigen,Ninja Revenge,Ninja Raiden Revenge,Ronin the Last Samurai, Ninja’s Battleground,Dead Mortal Ninja Shadow,Ninja Warrior and many more-all downloaded from play store.
Ninja Raiden Revenge is an online/offline platform action adventure game. Download link (Recommended) –

Ronin the last samurai is one of my favourite action semi platformer game and also editors choice. Download link (Recommended) –

Ninja’s Creed:3D Sniper Shooting Assasain Game download link (Not Recommended) –

Ninja’s battleground download link(Not Recommended) –

Ninja soul download link (Recommended) –

Ninja taigen download link (Recommended) –


  1. Jugaste Takashi Ninja Warrior el juego es muy bueno y con gráficos muy geniales

  2. I play only ninja arashi and ninja warrior but ninja arashi is very famous game

  3. Cool list u packed here.. Am looking for a ninja game I used to play when I was a kid but its somehow wiped from the internet it's crazy the name is something like ninja dash or ninja run. It's almost a black Silhouette game like vector! . And I think ninja revenge is just a copycat pls does anyone know the game?.

  4. there's also takashi ninja warrior, ryuko and also the revenge of shinobi which is not exclusive to android, but has ma playstore, it's a sega game

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