NINJA GAMES WITH GIRLS?! Of course he does! - Valkyrae Fortnite -

NINJA GAMES WITH GIRLS?! Of course he does! – Valkyrae Fortnite

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Jordan Fisher:


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  1. Sure ninjas wife probably worried that’s why he doesn’t play games with women Rae is smoking hot.

  2. Lol who’s been waiting for ninja to play with a GIRL

  3. Valky doesnt know what a ninja defuse lololol

  4. Oh thank Gawd, I want to like Ninja, but that I won’t play with females, wah wah BS I cannot tolerate!

  5. NiNjA nOw LoVeS vAl, nInJa LoVeS vAl!

  6. I don't like how this video showed so much ninja, didn't feel like a Valky video as much

  7. thought he said he would not play with girls for no problems

  8. The title of the vid is exactly why ninja never played with girls

  9. Ninja: snipes kid standing completely still

    Everyone else: WOW

    Me: Easy

  10. All of the fortnite news channels are gonna be like

    NiNjA cHeAtInG oN wIfE jEsS wItH vAlKaRaE!?!

  11. Aight I just really gotta say this….valkyrae u are EXTREMELY beautiful I stg


    dasiyymichelle and valkyrae and the top 2 most beautiful gamer girls

  13. what is this dog next to the minimap after the half of the video😂🤔

  14. This I show many people thing Valkyrae deserves more for what she's doing

  15. I feel like she’s really sweet but accidentally takes others loot sometimes 😂😂🤚

  16. Coolest can you do a video to raise fund for the covid19 WHO in research for a cure and vaccine? new Sub from me cheers 😀

  17. Valkyrae 1 v 1 me – Epic – Louisavage21/Louisavage10

  18. Is everyone forgetting that ninja said he doesn't play with girls but he said he would show a female celeberity how to play fortnite sorry I forgot the female celebrities name

  19. Who got recommends this after watching Ninja go off on Rae in among us?? YouTube is messy

  20. When you didn’t realize that before making content in among us she was great at Forknife

  21. low level players like level 2 or 3 and playing a squad game with level 70 player it will be a game of bots because the level 3 players is new

  22. 1:58
    Ninja: *saying boys stuff*
    Rae: "idk what the hell you guys are talking about. It sounds like math"
    Ah yes math. All us boys speak the language of math. Indeed.

  23. 6:12
    Rae: "dropping him"
    Ninja: "you're dropping me"
    Rae and Ninja relationship (not as in dating) is one of the best!

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