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Ninja Kids Truth or Dare Game

Ethan Fineshriber
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Ethan Fineshriber and his Ninja Kidz TV buddies always have a lot of fun on the set of Power Rangers together and often times that results in fun games that play when they have some down time. Ethan and his ninja kid buddies Bryton (who plays Bulk), Ashton (who plays Jason the Red Ranger), Alo (who plays Billy the Blue Ranger), Andreik (who plays Black Zach Attack the Black Ranger), Payton (who plays Kim the Pink Ranger), Paxton (who plays the kid on the swings bothered by Putties but the Red Putty helps), and Asia (who plays Trini the Yellow Ranger) decided to play the Truth or Dare Challenge Game while filming the next episode of Power Rangers. These Ninja Kids are great friends and always appreciate when Mr. Myler lets them have some time to enjoy good fun and a friendly game of Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever. Comment below if you would like to see more behind the scenes fun and footage of what the Power Rangers Ninja Kids do when filming on the set of Ninja Kidz TV.

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