Ninja Las Vegas Heat 1 Game 1 - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay -

Ninja Las Vegas Heat 1 Game 1 – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

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  1. This brought back so many memories. Lupo and Courage commentating. Tilted. Fun

  2. bro in these times an average nine year could win that tournament

  3. All these player look like bots to chapter 3 players

  4. By 2022 standards, this is some bot on bot filthy action

  5. Can appreciate ninja being a good sport when he gets killed 💯

  6. I would’ve dogged this lobby lmao miss these days

  7. “Good elevation” man he’s not a nba player lol

  8. The fact that these players were considered the best in the world at this time but now would be called a bot by a 12 year old astonishes me

  9. “Everyone is bots” yeah you were the bot bruh 💀

  10. Crazy to see ninja building up with a simple wall -> ramp combo. Without even worrying about the third party.

  11. It’s impressive how they managed to kill there game so bad

  12. Commentary is dreadful. Sound like they have literally no idea how the game works

  13. Who’s watching in 2022 looking back at beautiful memories

  14. it is absolutely insane to think that this was almost 4 years ago and how much the game has changed

  15. Watching this in 2022 is crazy man I miss the good old days

  16. They said Blind’s edits were quick😂. Not me watching this when it happened and watching in chapter 3!

  17. 3 years later, when you play fortnite for fun😥

  18. 2022 Videos Still Goated, Fortnite Will Never Be The Same 🤯💯

  19. I love the video you have posted in my blog

  20. I dare u to 1v1 me ur kinda dog water I’m top 50

  21. At that time, we were all still learning how to place ramps lmao

  22. Why does Ninja's wife keep talking about Ninja when she is interviewing Blind? How rude and narcissistic… "How does it feel to beat my husband?" "Loud crowd here they are here to see Ninja win but im sure they also happy to see you win too". Like its so obvious that she is faking it and only cares about herself and Ninja. What a bitch…

  23. Its crazy just 3 years ago he's on top of the world. Hosting his own live events, getting millions and millions of views a month.
    Now he's hiding his sub count on youtube cause he doesn't want the public to see the view to sub count ratio.

  24. Three years ago and I’m getting just now

  25. Lmao the audience in the background sounds like when you hit a good shot in Wii golf

  26. All 9 games will be uploaded by the end of tomorrow, and I'll also upload the entire full VOD for anyone that missed it! Love you guys!!!

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