Ninja Las Vegas Heat 2 Game 3 - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay -

Ninja Las Vegas Heat 2 Game 3 – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

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  1. whichever fucking reporter is constantly talking about being friends with ninja and thinking he’s cool it’s so fucking annoying it’s literally all he talks about that and the fucking dumb ass crossbow

  2. Ninja got his ass beat. Period.. all these guys who are kissing it..shame on you.

  3. He is a good player but he is far from the best… And this tournament showed it.

  4. I also don't like how he complained about his computer lagging… M********* I play with a switch which lags constantly.. and I dare not complain. either you win or you don't but don't complain about it if you lose.

  5. Dude that six 9 sniper guy at the end deserves some money

  6. "I took him out in the last game" dab ninja-2018

  7. i love how ninja does more talking than playing cuz he lose so fast haha smh

  8. Ninja sucks balls he is only good a playing noobs

  9. Crazy last heat ninja wins and now he's getting woopt

  10. Hes such a cocky little bitch! Dies…. Ya i forgot to restart my game

  11. He’s not the best if he’s not top 5 every game

  12. I'm confused. Alll this praise, but no realization that if you put ninja in a game with people on his level, he ends up 10-30th place. Which means, he is just an average player against his peers.

  13. I can build better than ninja and I'm on console.

  14. To all my OG’s out there who remembered the green boogie bomb

  15. Who else watching in season X and telling himself that if i was there i would destory them

  16. Get me 1K Subscribers Without any videos says:

    Anyone watching in 2020 when Ninja is on mixer 😭

  17. They act like they won the nba finals or super bowl 🤣

  18. It’s funny some of the people after they win are so socially awkward

  19. Those were the good times, but we didnt knew it

  20. Just watching some of these matches and everytime he loses he blames it on Lag Spike LMMMAAAOOOOO he’s such a sore looser.

  21. When everyone was bad at the game…so much fun back then😪

  22. when the game was actually good. now its just total garbage. Game is ruined with all this vehicles and shit.

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