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Ninja Massacre ZX Spectrum

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Another Codemasters clone, this time Gauntlet get a makeover! I used to really love this as a kid, not so much now though. Always loved the music though, one of my favourite tunes of all-time, its probably why I loved the game so much in fairness.

Oh and look closely at the loading screen, then look at my channel pic. it all adds up! I kept the ninja tag after all!


  1. good tune… bad game.. zx spectrum had The Last Ninja wich was better for a ninja game…

  2. одна из любимых

  3. @DAZZYVANDAM Well Otouto72K anyway, but my other two channels Otouto72 and OtoMichinoku uses pics from Shinobi III, that and the fact that I don't and never will show my face (Michinoku's vids are a lot more personal than these) have led to numerous people to call me "Ninja". So for the third channel I felt I just had to keep the "ninja" tag =)

  4. Cool title for a game ive never seen this before but it moves really fast and has decent music looks a good Gauntlet clone.

  5. @xJORDAN99x Yep, once a ninja, always a ninja =) The tune is one of my absolute favourites ever, always looked forward to putting this in my Spectrum and loading it up to hear the music. The difficulty always put me off and now I'm not much of a fan for this game as before.

  6. @malc1976 Its not bad but its really difficult, just so many enemies at one time, its annoying. But the music is awesome, always loved the tune.

  7. @xJORDAN99x Yeah it was intense! I can't remember how far I got in this game back in the day but it wasn't so far I can tell you.

  8. Love the music in this one David and the speed of the game is nice too.

  9. @jboypacman The music has always been a favourite of mine. The game's speed is good as you say, I suppose its not a bad Gauntlet clone but its just not great. This was one of my favourite games growing up but I can't give this as much love now though.

  10. @DAZZYVANDAM You'd think that but actually it isn't. You see I wante to make Speccy gameplay videos on OtoMichinoku (in fact some still remain of that channel) but I felt largely held back and restricted to upload them thanks to the politics of the Gaming Community so I made this channel to rid myself of the restrictions placed on me. More weight on my shoulders? No sir, I take a lot of weight OFF my shoulders.

  11. Great music. Game isn't so bad either, I like the look of this one.

  12. @sebastiaaaaaaan419 This was one of my favourite games growing up but its not as good now though. Always loved the music though.

  13. @saundersDave11 Thanks mate. Its nice to do these Speccy vids without gaming politicians getting into the way =) I wanted to do something a little different so the info screen in the first few seconds I felt was something new.

  14. This was such a good game! The music is easily one of the best made on the Speccy!

  15. @atrumdiabolus I have always loved this music, always one of my favourites growing up. I really loved this game but frankly I can't give it much love now.

  16. @LairdOfForsyth I love the music, its one of my favourite Speccy tunes ever, always looked forward to playing this for the music. I failed to get the same feeling back as I did when I was younger but the music never left me.

  17. It's always been a favourite of mine, fabulous tune.

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