Ninja RAGES at State of Fortnite "I HATE this" -

Ninja RAGES at State of Fortnite “I HATE this”

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Ninja went on a classic rant the other day on the current state of Fortnite and how much he hates the game.

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  1. ninja is just now realizing that wtf 😂😂😂😂 i left that game 3 years ago and never looked back its terrible fortnite used to be a battle royal now its turned into an anime fandom comic con just all over the place for no reason

  2. lmao mans cant hit his shots so he complains about the game

  3. Ppl who get mad about how he talks up his brother has never had siblings

  4. Fort has the best br ideas but yeah he aint wrong

  5. Lol his brother was trolling just like jack does to him lmao poor ninja

  6. Mr Disrespect, Ninja/Tman/Pk/JD, 100 Thieves/LA Thieves have there game being made too

  7. No ones is playing fortnite ranked 😂 the game is dead. Ppl only get on when theyre bored or with their friends

  8. yo HUGE W for jake for adding in the reason why ninja didn’t invite his brother

  9. Dude playing with Ninja just trolling him is too funny

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