Ninja Reacts to Players CHEATING in $10,000,000 Tournament! (Fall Skirmish Week 1 Game 5) -

Ninja Reacts to Players CHEATING in $10,000,000 Tournament! (Fall Skirmish Week 1 Game 5)

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Ninja plays game 5 and ends up getting turned on and destroyed. He then reacts to two players cheating in the $10,000,000 Fortnite Fall Skirmish.

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This video includes:
Ninja Reacts to Players Cheating in $10,000,000 Fortnite Tournament
Ninja Reacts to Fortnite Fall Skirmish
Players Get Caught Cheating in Fortnite Fall Skirmish
Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Best Daily Moments
Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments


  1. How can he get the big shield and didnt get it on the 2nd slot but on the last one can anyone answer me 1:00

  2. The people who cheated in the tornamant and won are so bad . And if you didnt know they targeted ninja:(

  3. Ehh if ninja says something. Epic games changes it… drumgun op. Removed from game
    Double pump op removed from game. Hes cheating.
    Banned. Basically if he thinks its sht. Changes happen in the game. Why you ask. Because hes the mascot of the game. He has the biggest audience to promote fortnite. If he doesnt like it he stops playing people stop watching fortnite/ even knowing what fortnite is Just a puppet.

    Also where are the rules for these tournaments like anymore can go watch the live stream and screen cheat.. they even have like 5min delay so it's really hard to do.

  4. Ninja just hates accepting defeat 🤣 excuse the game lags .. grow up and take dat L

  5. The last number of likes this comment is who you are, comment what you got
    1) Pro
    2) Noob
    3) Have all skins with 0 wins haha
    4) Tfue lvl
    5) Ninja lvl
    6) 500+ Wins
    7) Myth? Lvl
    8) Top Builder
    9) Can Solo Squads
    0) Best player ever and will sub to me to help me grow xD

  6. Ninja is right about that team cheating. The guy that was watching the stream should get fined. Like a thousand dollars or something and ban him from ever playing in a Fortnite tourny ever again.
    Also, it is safe to say that Tyler Aka Ninja complains ALL THE TIME about how he dies. There is ALWAYS some excuse. Okay maybe not ALL THE TIME, maybe 90% of the time. Just like after the guys cheating clip. He says, and I quote, "like medium range full spray, missing every shot". Well, he of all people should know that the guns in fortnite are about as accurate as a potato cannon when you full spray. He also only had 66HP, THAT is why he got melted. He should have popped his other mini and then maybe try to advance on him. Instead he gets rekt by a lucky head shot and a body shot.

  7. No one else relived that first clip with ninja and sypher he was in a match with ghost ayden whatcha the kill feed

  8. 12:13 that’s called getting outplayed
    And also called MISSING YOUR SHOTS

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