Ninja Turtles! Fun Squad Music Video -

Ninja Turtles! Fun Squad Music Video

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Ninja Turtles, Fun Squad Music Video!
The Fun Squad sings and raps a fun cover song of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song! We even added our own lyrics for verse two, verse three, and a bridge too! Sing along to this fun Ninja Turtles fun song! The Fun Squad loves music and loves singing songs. They also love Ninja Turtles! Thanks so much for watching! We absolutely love what we do and feel so grateful that we get to do so many fun videos, like this one. Never Grow Up!

Special thanks to Daniel Blomberg with Blomberg Music Productions and Becky Willard at VoxFox Studios for their genius in music production! Also thanks to our producer, Shea Sexton for helping Brandon Skye write lyrics for this awesome song!

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