Ninja Turtles Meet The Bat Family -

Ninja Turtles Meet The Bat Family

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In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase funny and sad intro dialogue between Injustice 2 characters Batman, Damian, Red Hood (BAT FAMILY) & The Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Game: Injustice 2 (2017)


  1. No way Leo thought he was gonna take on Batman 😭

  2. Batman did actually fight the ninja turtles

  3. Bro Spent the whole country‘s money just to kill some fishes

  4. F Robbin for being so rude voiceline 😢😢😢

  5. Fun fact
    The chance is higher of being bitten by an new yorker than an shark

  6. That TMNT Robin Suit had no Job being that Fresh.

  7. "im a new yorker, i can take it" Forget about it new york accent

  8. “I’m a New Yorker I can take it” that’s not what the towers said 💀

  9. I've seen them fight, the turtles lose.

  10. Mikey gonna be eating a pizza on damian's body

  11. Gotham Knights needed this version of Red Hood voice actor and all 🤯

  12. The Raph and Red hood interaction is just so funny for mutlple reasons.

  13. Damien threatening to cripple and kill. Mikey makes me like him even less.

  14. "Cripple first THEN kill"

    ….for some reason this seems like it doesn't make sense to me
    like….why would you cripple your enemy at all if you're gonna kill them anyway?

  15. Is that Michael Jones voicing Michaelangelo?

  16. fun fact: did you know there’s an animated movie about the ninja turtles fighting bat man?

  17. Ninja turtles suck ..there are sooooo many hero's and villains that would kick the turtles ass …

  18. Fucking clone wars 2008 is an important and very unique son of bitch arkham knight 😤 👏 🙄 😑 👌 😒 😤 👏 is a bit more of an idiot and a dc

  19. Come on batman even I know that is mbappe

  20. Batman lost to Shredder. Leo is normally the one to beat Shredder. Therefor, Batman loses to Leo.

  21. I just want to see every character beat the holy shit out of Damian

  22. Yes, Batman has fought Ninja Turtles Before.

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