Ninja Up! - Game Trailer -

Ninja Up! – Game Trailer

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Jump as high as you can with the most daring pixel ninja!

Will you jump gradually and carefully, or shoot for the moon with wildly high leaps of faith?

Bounce all over, but be sure to dodge enemies and obstacles. Flying ninjas, or even UFOs, will try to stop your ascent from the busy city to deep space!

Will you kiss the sky, or kiss the pavement?


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  1. I am playing this game but worse graphics quality version of same company Gameloft on my mother's Itel keypad mobile

  2. How to unsubcribe this game . uae etisalath sim

  3. Pretty cool, pretty cool. I'm not really into jumping games, but that pixel ninja has been designed fairly good.

  4. Game loft can u plz fix the microphone in HOC and order and chaos online it will be very helpful if you did😃

  5. Rip off! This is just a version of one of the mini games of New super Mario bros on the DS.

  6. Why I got banned in order and caohs online for nothing

  7. Pls help me my order and chaos online got hack 223runes and so of my items gone help me pls give me 223 runes back pls and my items pls

  8. We don't fucking want this!!! We want more maps in mc5 more weapons such as crossbows, throwing knives,sticky grenades, mines,nurf the RED,bring back old maps like jungle,legion,make the arsec one shot kill, make the kr-200 one tap kill……..and give us back the ability to vote for maps we want to play on instead of randomly picking it. an add more players because the Maps are so fucking big and takes a week to find one person also, where is voice chat ???? Fix the constant crashes.

  9. Hello please add some maps to mc5 but it's cool game 🙂

  10. When are you gonna update mc5? Is it a big update?

  11. Gameloft im killerhiki where is my 233 rune i got hack where the hell give me back pls

  12. Gameloft sold ninja up to WHAT (games) about 2 weeks ago

  13. Hi gameloft just wondering if you have any plans for GT Racing 3 yet?

  14. Why doesn’t have Chinese in this game?

  15. I need this game to tilt because my mom's phone because in this game after making the rope in this game I have to quickly mak the rope to make the game tilt my mom's phone.

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