Ninja Warriors: Good Lookin' Ninjas - PART 1 - Game Grumps -

Ninja Warriors: Good Lookin’ Ninjas – PART 1 – Game Grumps

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  1. "I wish I was a girl so I could cosplay her"
    Arin,,,,, hun,,,,,,, it's 2017 and you wore a Sonic dress. Follow your heart and cosplay whoever the hell ya want <3

  2. I think you two should try to beat Golden Axe (2 or 3) in co-op, that could be interesting/challenging

  3. Don't let your gender get in the way of your cosplay dreams Arin! Do it!

  4. Arin doesn't much care for Lego. You're dead to me.

  5. When I read ninja warrior I thought it was going to be a game of the Japanese game show. 😁

  6. Bass was the one who said damn in mega Man 7 when u see him in the Halloween stage.

  7. This game 100% looks like the same engine as the power ranger game. the way you move, the way you attack, the sound effects…. the go symbol for crying out loud….

  8. "I wish I was a girl" – Arin Hanson 2017


    And yes, the same team who made the Power Rangers SNES beat 'em ups made this one. c:

  10. it took me 3 minutes to realize there is giggle physics, this might be the first game with giggle physics

  11. This game is JUST like the power rangers game, which I love sooo yahhhhs

  12. Isn't Wild Guns one of Arin's favorites? So how does his mind go to the Power Rangers game first instead of that for this widely-used sound chip set?

  13. Eh, doubt y'all will see this, but you should totally play Onimusha(the full series if possible) since you're honestly pretty great at survival horror from the early '00s

  14. i fucking love the way arin goes "aw hell yeah" for shamisen breakdown.

  15. Arin could still cosplay Kunoichi, she is pretty much covered head to toe in red clothing.

  16. That's it, I need to take shamisen lessons. Maybe quit my job, divorce my wife, and take a trip to the south pacific

  17. i looked up the arcade version (which is from 1987) and dang it, next to the SNES version here, the music might be better but the sprites look so aweful stiff…

  18. Wow there. At 9:43. Dan had to wait for bad guys to hit the fan enough to slow it down if I'm not mistaken. Wish they would have noticed/commented on that. Ah well, now I have!

    Annnnnd nevermind, that wasn't it at all, lol.

  19. 5:09 ya know, you don't HAVE to be a girl if you want to cosplay as one.

  20. Did he say that this girl IS A NINDROID?????

  21. Kunoichi did the exact opposite of Samus, she's a woman that explodes to be a robot

  22. i just looked up the live version of daddy mulk. i was seriously not disappointed

  23. The version of Ninja Warriors you want is on PS4! The original arcade version with daddy mulk is there under “arcade archives ninja warriors” on psn for $8 with multiplayer.

  24. i loved this game when i was younger didnt remember the title thanks guys might have to go look for this now

  25. What's cool about this game is it totally makes sense that you can kill tons of enemies and also survive several normally fatal hits, cause you're a robot!

  26. This game is fucking rad, but jfc are they pulling out to many damn series… again ugh.
    anyway i hope this sticks around its pretty awesome.

  27. This is definitely the same sound engine for at least the Power Rangers Movie game. I recognize the musical style.

  28. Played this recently. Very good game that deserves more love!

  29. This game is actually called THE NINJA WARRIORS AGAIN.

  30. Wish the grumps would revisit this game (to completion)

  31. snes version ost is better than arcade version

  32. I super hope they check out the new version that's coming out, you can unlock the arcade soundtrack in it.

  33. They gotta play the remaster on the Switch. It has the music that Dan likes.

  34. me: arin just likes this because he likes this character
    5:08 arin: "i wish i was a girl so i could cosplay her"

  35. Why yes, I did come to rewatch this series immediately after finishing today's episode.

  36. someone needs to tell them they remade this for switch. The ninja saviors: return of the warriors.

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