Ninja Wins Content Creator of the Year | The Game Awards 2018 -

Ninja Wins Content Creator of the Year | The Game Awards 2018

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Ninja wins the Content Creator of the Year award at The Game Awards.


  1. This was a pointless category could have put something better imo

  2. There should not be an award for game streamer, it is better to take place with it for best game designer or creator.

  3. Everyone loved Ninja until he got too successful for their liking. People are such hypocrites. I feel sorry for your new favorite streamer because when they get really big, you'l start hating on them too.

  4. I dont understand why this is a category in TGA… Basically is popularity in USA and they dont aport nothing to the industry

  5. Moment of the night! you could see it coming but still felt impactful when delivered, just like GOWs GOTY win!

  6. Wtf is this shit. Only fortnite shitty streamers

  7. Christopher judge has great sense of style damn

  8. “Read it boi” best moment of the night

  9. “Not gonna lie” why would you lie. Annoying expression haha

  10. Cool, as if our only choice of game to watch is Fortnite. Who can watch that shit?

  11. Only reason I came here was to see the joke again

  12. Streaming video games isn’t content creation.

  13. This presentation was the most legendary moment in Game Award’s History.

  14. They said content CREATOR. Not fortnite No life. None of these guys aren't creative. Just got famous because of one game

  15. No thanks to your fans? They're the ones that got you famous not the videogames

  16. You had a proper presentation for this category but not for the award categories that matter, such as "Best Action Game", "Best Student Game", "Best Adventure Game", etc. I thought this was supposed to be a celebration of video games, not content creators who make easy money playing the game du jour. What's wrong with you?

  17. content creator of the year? you know this include youtubers as well not only streamers… also putting it streamer of the year is false as well… it should be fortnite streamer of the year… if its streamer of the year.. shroud should definitely be there…

  18. More people clapped for the voice line then the actual win lmao

  19. the cheer for BOI is a lot stronger than the cheer for ninja LMAO

  20. This category is "Fortnight twitch streamers"- so who came up with the bright idea of calling it "Content Creator", to a room full of developers? Its an inside joke, gotta be.

  21. Only watched it for the “read it boy” bit. And ew, why was everyone in the list a fortnite streamer?

  22. Of course Poki is gonna be the thumbnail, even if she didnt win.

  23. Yay, the most toxic manchild in modern gaming gets an 'content creator' award for playing a video game.

    At least we got the boy.

  24. 1:42 – "READ IT BOY" the only reason why I watched this part.

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